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Is Halo Infinite worth the wait? Yes, this is the exclusive game that the Xbox Series X has been waiting for. It is also on PC and Xbox One, but I played the game on Xbox Series X. It is crazy to think that we have been going on adventures with Master Chief for 20 years at this point. With this game, they have changed things up significantly.

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The Game Review

The story here took me by surprise. This is not a direct continuation of the events that happened in Halo 5. Actually, I would say this has more to do with Halo Wars 2 than Halo 5! Chief is picked up by a pilot after falling in battle to a group known as The Banished which is made up of ex-Covenant forces.

Learning that The Banished wants to use this newly found Halo for some probably very destructive reason. Master Chief enlists the help of this reluctant pilot to head to the ring and try to stop The Banished. That alone would be a fun Halo story, but there is more to it than just that.

Chief is without Cortana in this game and that is very interesting. He gets a new AI called Weapon. Weapon is very different to Cortana; she is much more childlike and Master Chief takes on an almost father-like role for her. I thought that the story was great from start to end and the smaller cast of characters I think really worked to its advantage.

While the story in Halo Infinite is great, the gameplay is the best it has ever been. On one hand, this feels like a typical Halo. That first mission is classic Halo, but you get to use the big new thing, the grappling hook. The grappling hook is so much fun to use, from grabbing onto enemies to using it to traverse the different areas.

Much was said about this being an open-world game. I would not say that Halo Infinite is a fully open-world game, but it is probably as close as you can get. Some stages still have that classic linear Halo feel to them, but in between missions, you can explore the world as you see fit.

You can find side missions, secrets, and so on by doing this. Rather than being a massive open world, it is like lots of smaller open-world areas if that makes sense. I know this may sound disappointing to some, but I think it was the right decision. It allows Halo Infinite to offer a familiar Halo experience, all the while making things grander.

You will certainly want to take advantage of being able to explore as there are many great and fun side missions to do. These can help you by unlocking various weapons and vehicles that can be called in, you can also get upgrades this way too. I like how they give you a good incentive to go and explore.

As far as the campaign goes, Halo Infinite is fantastic. They have well and truly outdone themselves with this campaign. I have dabbled a little bit with the multiplayer and that has been fun, but I have not really spent enough time with that, to be honest with you to give a real opinion on it.

If you have an Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One or PC Halo Infinite is a must-play. This is the best first-person shooter that I have played this year. I am a huge Halo fan and my expectations were high, but I can honestly say that this game completely eclipsed them. The future of the Halo franchise could not be any more exciting!

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite is a science-fiction first-person shooter game. Download it now and play online for free or purchase the campaign mode.
9 Total Score
Halo Infinite Review Summary

  • I was very impressed by the story
  • I liked the new father like role Chief takes on
  • The grappling hook is so much fun to use
  • The way the game is way more open gives you lots more to do!
  • It might not be as open world as some people were hoping for
  • It looks good, but it is not the massive leap in visuals I wanted for the first Series X/S Halo
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