Post-apocalyptic Games

Going Medieval


Today we are taking a closer look at Going Medieval. Going Medieval is the latest colony sim/city building game to come out this year and as of writing the game is still in early access. Games like ...

The Long Drive


The Long Drive is a very weird game. Meaning that it doesn’t really have a purpose to it, you’re just basically supposed to drive around and see the sights in a post-apocalyptic randomly generated ...

Wasteland 3

Wasteland 2

Wasteland 3 is a game that many people have been waiting a very long time for. This is a fantastic strategy RPG that takes the post-apocalyptic wasteland setting to whole new levels. It follows on ...

Crysis 3


When the first Crysis game was released I was a console only player and I always looked on with envious eyes. This is a series from the folks at Crytek and this is the game that brought the trilogy ...

The Last Of Us Part II


Without a doubt, The Last of Us Part II has been one of my most anticipated games for a very long time. The first game was an absolute masterpiece and while excited, I was a little warry in how they ...

Last Oasis


Last Oasis is an MMO that I wanted to like more than anything! This is a game that feels like it has been in development forever. It is an MMO, but it has a heavy emphasis on survival and working ...



Before we really get into what Deadside is all about, I must let you know that this game is still in rather early access. I was a little worried when I read that this was a “hardcore multiplayer ...

Code Vein


An anime-style Dark Souls is how I have heard Code Vein described time and time again. To be fair, this latest game from Bandai-Namco has a lot going for it and it is easy to see why so many people ...

Remnant: From the Ashes


There has been a fair bit of buzz about Remnant: From the Ashes. For me, it was how it talked about having a Dark Souls-like challenge with shooter-based gameplay. That to me sounded like a real ...

Post-apocalyptic video games are part of a subgenre of science fiction, fantasy, and horror media that spans multiple categories of game from role-playing games and first-person shooters to survival horror and simulations.

The best way to think about post-apocalyptic video games is as a descriptor of the setting of the video game and less than the particular subgenre of a title given that a post-apocalyptic video game can literally be any type of game, including even puzzle games.

These games tend to feature a narrative that focuses on the aftermath of a cataclysmic event which can be anything from a population-decimating plague to nuclear war and the ever-popular zombie outbreak or the always reliable asteroid colliding into Earth. Typically the environments are bleak and depressing with civilization scattered to nonexistent.

A particularly strong theme in the Fallout series of role-playing games, post-apocalyptic video games often pit different factions of survivors against one another, each motivated by their own aims, some of which are rational while others are inscrutable to our sensibilities.

Post-apocalyptic video games most of the time warp or distort the culture of the pre-disaster civilization, often leading to familiar yet vastly different organizations. Classic examples of this include the doomsday cult that thinks they called it right to the military holdouts on a base in the hinterlands.

A universal theme found in all post-apocalyptic video games is that civilization is a precious, fragile construct that is only held together by delicate threads that are easily sundered when necessity calls for it.