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I have to be honest and say that until I reached about level 8, I did not like the original Dying Light! Eventually, Dying Light would become a game I had an immense amount of fun with, but it was not without its problems. I think with Dying Light 2 Stay Haman, Techland was able to realize all that they wanted to do with the first game and it truly is awesome.

How to Download Dying Light 2 Stay Human

To download the game for your platform, click on the Download button at the end of the review. Check out also an interesting battle royale spin-off to the series – Dying Light: Bad Blood.

The Game Review

Let’s start by saying that Dying Light 2 Stay Human is better than the original Dying Light in every regard! I have put around 40 hours into the game since it was released and had a blast doing so. I am basing this review on the PlayStation 5 version of the game by the way.

The story takes place 20 years after the events of the first game. The world has well and truly gone to hell and the setting of Villedor is not exactly a “nice” place. We play as a man called Aiden who is looking for his lost sister, Mia. The story is something that I felt was pretty decent, but I wish we got to spend time with Mia beforehand so there was more of a connection to the search for her.

The city of Villedor is massive and split into various different sectors. There are two factions at play in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. We have pockets of survivors just trying to survive and we also have the Peacekeepers who are like this ultra militaristic group who are trying to establish rule and order. Of course, many groups of bandits, bad guys, and so on are here too.

Oh, I forgot the most important group that calls Villedor home, the freaking zombies, there are thousands of them, even more than in the first game! The setting and premise of the game are great, but it is the gameplay that has kept me hooked. Aiden is a “pilgrim” so he can move between the various areas of the city.

Techland has mixed various styles of gameplay together very, very well. The game is best described as part action RPG, part parkour, and part open-world game. The way that you parkour around the city is some of the best that I have ever experienced in a game. So much so, I want EA to get Techland to make a new Mirrors Edge game.

You cannot just run and jump either! You can also use a grappling hook and a paraglider to get around too. The grappling hook is a huge gamechanger and so much fun to use. You literally swing around like you are Spider-Man! This along with the paraglider maker getting from point a to point b so much fun.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human has tons of things for you to do. The main story is probably going to take you around 20 hours to get through, but there are tons of side missions and activities. My favorites were when you would have to restore power and electricity to a part of the city and then decide which of the two factions you wanted to give it to!

This would give you some kind of perk and that brings me to the progression system of the game. I was all about parkour, so any points that I would get I would use on that skill tree. You can also get permanent upgrades to your health, stamina, and so on. There is a lot for you to work towards in this game and I found it to be pretty addictive.

The combat is greatly improved over the first game, enemies do not rely just on firearms as they did in the first game. The parkour and acrobatic-based mele combat are lots of fun and very satisfying. You also have to deal with the undead and using your parkour skills to run away is thrilling stuff indeed.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is a gorgeous game, but whenever a cut scene would start for me, I would get a second of black screen which was annoying. Character models (Rosario Dawson is in this game) look great and the whole city has a kind of post-apocalyptic dark ages thing going on.

The Bottom Line

Overall, I am very happy with what they have done with this game. I have not had any major technical problems with it and on the PS5 I can report it runs very well. I just wish it offered cross-platform play as a friend of mine has this on PC, but there is no cross-play as of yet.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human
Dying Light 2 Stay Human is an open-world action game with RPG elements and lots of zombies. Download it now and have a good time.
8 Total Score
Dying Light 2 Stay Human Review Summary

  • I liked Aiden as the main character
  • It has the best parkour of any game that I have played
  • The city is huge and has a ton of personality
  • The whole game is just very satisfying to play
  • The little black screen before any kind of cut scene was annoying
  • No cross-platform play as of yet
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