Dying Light: Bad Blood

Dying Light: Bad Blood is a multiplayer survival video game developed and published by the Polish studio Techland. The game was released on 13th September 2018 and features an open-world environment with game mechanics similar to battle royale titles.

Within the boundaries of the game, players are required to find and collect zombie samples as well as try to survive from a swarm of zombies and other players at the same time. Bad Blood is available to play on PC by downloading it through Steam. No info about PS4 or Xbox One release dates is available as of yet.

How to Download Dying Light: Bad Blood

You can get the game as an early access title available for download on Steam. To start downloading click on the link below the review. If you like the setting be sure also to download and check out the original Dying Light.

The Game Review

Dying Light: Bad Blood, also being called a Brutal Royale is the first game of its kind. Bad Blood is a mixture of Player vs Enemy and Player vs Player action.

The Ultimate Survival Battle

Not only do the players have to fight against zombies, but they also have to survive and defend themselves against 11 other online players who are also in the race to collect the zombie remains samples.

The game begins as all 12 players land on a single small island. Initially, the players who land are required to find weapons and items that can help them survive against each other and the apocalypse.

So far, Bad Blood only features a hand-to-hand combat system hence, the only available way for players to kill each other is through swords, axes, knives, hammers, and bats apparently.

The Gear

Moving on to the items, Bad Blood has an intriguing feature that surprisingly cannot be found on other major Battle Royale games. Bad Blood allows players to collect upgrades from different locations and combine them with different objects and weapons together in order to make them more effective.

After players collect weapons and items to use, they then make their way to kill zombie hives in order to collect blood samples and level up. Blood samples can also be collected by killing other online players and scavenging through the items they were carrying.

Finally, at the end of the game, a helicopter appears above the island which can carry only one player. The remaining players race against each other towards the helicopter and the first player who manages to get on it wins the game despite whether the other players are alive or not.

Dying Light: Bad Blood: the Game Modes

Bad Blood features four types of gameplay modes: Tutorial, Custom, Normal, and Ranked matches. Players can start off with the tutorial which helps them understand the main goals and controls of the game. A custom mode is available as well which is particularly made for those players who want to play with their friends.

Then comes the normal and ranked gameplay where players compete against other online players. The only difference between the two modes is how the ranked matches are held in a more competitive environment.

The Game Mechanics

Bad Blood’s gameplay and mechanics are quite similar to another Battle Royale game popularly known as PUBG (Player Underground Battlegrounds). If noticed closely, the map Bad Blood featured has similar graphics and design to the PUBG island even though there is a huge difference in terms of size.

The game is relatively new hence there are quite a number of features that are yet to be available. However, so far, Bad Blood has managed to impress quite a few fans through its creative gameplay and intense combat system. On top of that, the game will soon be free to play when it comes out of early access, meaning that we might see a Battle Royale game competing with the likes of PUBG and Fortnite.

Dying Light: Bad Blood
Dying Light: Bad Blood is a battle rooyale game set in the world know from the famous Dying Light zombie-parcour game. Download it now and enjoy amazing graphics.
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