The Last Of Us Part II

Without a doubt, The Last of Us Part II has been one of my most anticipated games for a very long time. The first game was an absolute masterpiece and while excited, I was a little warry in how they could follow that up. Well, follow that up they did as this has to be one of the best games released in 2020.

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The Game Review

Before we start, I need to state that there will be NO major spoilers in this review. Everything I say in this review has been shown in trailers. This is the kind of game that is better played when you know as little about the story as possible. Just like the first game, it is the story that is the real star here.

Set five years after the events for the first game. This time we actually play as Ellie as she is out for revenge. What starts off as a story about revenge turns into something else as she falls into trouble with this sadistic cult. The writing is once again fantastic as are all of the vocal performances in the game.

I found the first game to be brutally hard-hitting in its showcase of a post-apocalyptic world and this one is no different. It is interesting to see how parts of the country have tried to revert back to a more civilized form of society. Then, on the other hand, we have more bandits and crazies than before…. And the creatures!

These things (which are not zombies) are just as creepy as they were before. While the Clicker for me is still the worst, a new type has emerged that is pretty damn gross too. Seriously, from a story point of view, this game is fantastic and I was not left disappointed with the way it came to a close.

As far as the gameplay goes not a great deal has changed from the first game, but to be fair it did not need to. You play as Ellie and like she accompanied Joel, you have an NPC called Dina who will follow and help you. The relationship between these two is great and feels very real.

You will be scavenging for supplies so that you can make things like health kits and bombs. However, you also need to scavenge other stuff too. This is so that you can upgrade your weapons and abilities. The skill tree is split into three parts and I like how The Last of Us Part II keeps that aspect of the game simple.

I decided to max out my health skill tree and then start on the others, but it is up to you how you go about it. The combat is more of a stealth game than anything else. You can go in all guns blazing, but that 99/100 is a very bad idea. It is much better and cooler to sneak around picking them off one at a time, especially if there is a couple of Clickers in the area.

Occasionally, you will get pulled into gunfights, and other times you have to run for your life, but these happen at a rather infrequent pace so when they do go down, they are very exciting. One thing that is very notable and well done about this game is the accessibility. When you fire the game up for the first time you are given many options.

It is not just a case of easy, normal, or hard. You can change settings so that the game is tailored for the kind of experience you want. If you want to focus more on the story, you can have it so ammo is plentiful and that the enemies are much easier to take out. On the flip side, you can have the game brutally difficult.

Following on from the first game was a tough task, but I feel that Naughty Dog nailed it with this. The Last of Us Part II did not disappoint me in the slightest and it is one of the best-made games I have played this generation. The story is great, it looks phenomenal, the voice acting is some of the best around and it plays great too. If you have a PlayStation 4, this is a must-buy!

The Last Of Us Part II
The Last Of Us Part II is the fantastic 2020 sequel to the 2013 postapocalyptic action-adventure game. Download it now for some incredible story.
10 Total Score
The Last Of Us Part II Review Summary

  • The story is great
  • Amazing voice acting
  • The story is very well done
  • The gameplay is great in pretty much every regard
  • The accessibility options are some of the best I have seen in a game
  • You have to have played the first game for this to mean anything
  • My PS4 sounded like a jet engine trying to play this!
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