Metro: Last Light Redux

MMetro Last Light Redux, is an enhanced version of Metro Last Light, originally released in 2013. The game is a sequel to Metro 2033 (2010) and continues the ongoing story of life after a nuclear attack in Russia. Playing as the silent protagonist Artyom, you must continue to work your way through the underground Metro system.

How to Download Metro Last Light Redux

You can download the game from Steam. Be sure to also read our review of its sequel, Metro Exodus (2019). To start downloading, hit the button located below the text.

The Game Review

Here, survivors of the nuclear attack have found refuge from the dangerous surface and the horrifying monstrosities that lurk there. While Metro Last Light is a similar experience to Metro 2033, it builds upon the formula in some interesting ways. There are plenty of things to do and see in Metro Last Light, and surviving it all will prove to be the biggest challenge of them all.

The story in Metro Last Light Redux continues shortly after the end of Metro 2033, wherein Artyom and company executed a devastating missile attack on the ominous Dark Ones.

Elsewhere, several factions of survivors attempt to loot D6, a mostly intact bunker with tons of supplies. Although they previously thought that that the missile attack was 100% successful, Artyom learns that a single Dark One has survived the explosion. Along with comrade Anna, Artyom heads out to hunt down the last alien creature, who might hold the secret to humanity’s survival.

Like Metro 2033 Redux, Metro Last Light Redux is similar in gameplay to the original release. However, the game has received a nice bump in graphical quality, and some new features and tweaks. The first-person shooting gunplay feels more realistic, and you can now double-check your inventory in times of need.

Additionally, the game now has two different difficulty options. “Spartan Mode” offers more ammo and resources but tougher enemies, and is best for fans of first-person shooters. “Survival Mode” limits your resources, and forces players to engage primarily through stealth. These two modes make Metro Last Light Redux an easier game to approach, as you can pick a difficulty setting that matches your playstyle.

In terms of gameplay, Metro Last Light Redux provides more of the intense action and atmospheric exploration that players loved in Metro 2033. As you sneak and shoot your way through the game’s numerous chapters, you’ll have to closely monitor your resources and keep an ear out for trouble.

Both human and monsters lurk in the shadows, and more often than not, both parties will want to see you dead. You can fight back by using a number of customizable guns, including pistols, shotguns, and rifles. Alternatively, the level design often lets you sneak past enemy encounters, provided you are quick and quiet enough.

Overall, Metro Last Light Redux is an intense game, regardless of how you play it. There are plenty of creepy locations, unsettling scenarios, and downright depressing moments. The story is well-told and acted well, held up by great performances and interesting character arcs.

Although the game can be challenging at times, you’ll find the experience rewarding and satisfying, especially as the narrative arcs begin to merge. In terms of post-apocalyptic stories in video games, Metro Last Light Redux delivers one of the best. It’s a great continuation of the character Artyom, and another meaningful trip underground into the slums of post-nuclear war.

Metro: Last Light Redux
Metro: Last Light is a first-person shooter and post-apocalyptic survival horror all-in-one. Download it now and enjoy the story.
8 Total Score
Metro: Last Light Redux Review Summary

  • Your decisions in gameplay have a meaningful impact on the story
  • Different difficulty settings that appeal to unique playstyles
  • Solid characters and an interesting narrative
  • Combat can be challenging at times
  • The “karma” system is not explained very well
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