Code Vein

An anime-style Dark Souls is how I have heard Code Vein described time and time again. To be fair, this latest game from Bandai-Namco has a lot going for it and it is easy to see why so many people were interested in it. With an anime look, but a horror/sci-fi setting it certainly has a very interesting style.

How to Download Code Vein

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The Game Review

The story of Code Vein absolutely sucked me in. You play as a created character that is what is called a Revenant. Think of it as like a zombie/vampire kind of thing that needs blood to survive. You awaken in a messed-up post-apocalyptic world and the story unfolds as you play. This fills in the blanks of what happened in this world as well as about yourself.

Science Fiction and Horror at its Best

You are looking at about 30 hours to get through the story and I legit found myself engrossed in what was happening. It is a mix up of sci-fi and horror, but it has that Bandai-Namco anime style and it all works together very well. The story does take itself seriously and while some may roll their eyes at the dialogue, I felt it fit the world of the game and the characters well.

Combat in Code Vein

I was surprised at how deep the combat of Code Vein is. The trailers made it seem like it was a bit of a hack and slash style of game, but there is a lot of thought behind the combat. You go through the ruins of this world, fighting the more messed up Revenants as you go. If you just run in and try to hack and slash, you will die!

The Class System

The game has a very deep class system, referred to as blood code. You can really tinker with your character, changing abilities, mixing them together for awesome loadouts and even changing your class. It may sound like a lot to take in, but this is a huge part of the game. You may get stuck on a boss and changing your class can make a ton of difference in getting passed them. It also means you are forced to keep freshening up your attacks which makes combat more fun.

Your Code Vein AI Buddy

Code Vein has a huge gameplay “twist” that sets it apart from other similar games and that is your partner. You have an AI partner that is there fighting alongside you. The idea of this is great and they can come in handy during boss battles and they help fill in the story with chatter as you play.

How they will “help” you is a bit of a gamble. Some times they are right there with you and it is like you guys are one. Other times, it feels like they are going out of their way to mess things up! This can be very frustrating, especially during a tough boss battle that requires finesse, but your partner just keeps running in headfirst.

You can play the game without a partner, but I felt this was way too hard and it did not fit the “story” of the game for me. Multiplayer should be what this is all about, but you can just call in a random player to help you out for a short while. You cannot call in an actual friend or anything like that so it does not work as well as it perhaps should.

The Bottom Line

I think that Code Vein is a solid game and a game with some very interesting ideas. I liked how fun the combat was and being able to severely change your character was great. The partner aspect of the game can be frustrating in places, but it does not flat out ruin the game. If you like the look of the game from the trailers, be sure to check it out as I have had a lot of fun with it.

Code Vein
Code Vein is an anime JRPG with a mix of science fantasy and horror elements. Download it now for a great story and action.
8.5 Total Score
Code Vein Review Summary

  • The story is great
  • I love the art style and the overall setting of the game
  • Combat is very skill-based
  • Being able to change your class is fun
  • The campaign is nice and long
  • The whole partner thing can sometimes not work as good as it should
  • Multiplayer could use some work
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