Last Oasis

Last Oasis is an MMO that I wanted to like more than anything! This is a game that feels like it has been in development forever. It is an MMO, but it has a heavy emphasis on survival and working with others. I will say going in that if you want to go far in this game, you better have some friends to play with!

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To download Last Oasis from Steam, click on the Download button located below this review. If you like survival MMOs check out also our review of Conan Exiles or Outward.

The Program Review

What I like best about Last Oasis is the story and the world that has been created here. The world has stopped spinning and as a result half is super-hot and half is super cold. To survive humanity needs to live in a strip right in the middle, but due to the Earth’s rotation around the sun, they have to keep on moving!

I freaking love this idea and the fact that the world has changed so that there are these large creatures also trying to survive is just great. One other fact, is that as mankind has to keep moving, they have created these structures called Walkers. Think of the movie, Mortal Engines and you will have an idea of what I am talking about.

This is an MMO and it certainly has the “massive” part down to a T. The game is set on these various areas called hexes or something like that. Each one has its own style, be it the woods, beach, mountains, or whatever and each one has three parts if that makes sense. The further you get into an area the better the loot you will get, but the harder the enemies you will have to face.

When you have created your character and you are off into the world, you really start to grasp just how massive this game is. The whole game is about survival and you need things like water, items, tools, weapons, gear, and so on to survive. You can also find new technologies for your walker as well. You are always working towards getting something to help your chances of survival.

Last Oasis also features base building and trading, two things that many MMO games have. The base building is cool in that you cannot be looted while you are offline so this actually makes me want to build a base. The trading is good in that certain places will have different items and offer different prices and so on.

Now, let us talk about combat. There are two forms of combat in the game, you have your standard combat which in theory if you are a skilled player can put you at an advantage. You also have walker combat this is where you face other walkers and even cooler is large creatures like these giant sandworms and crabs!

This is an MMO and they claim you can play this on your own which is what I tried to do. Let me tell you, if you try and play this on your own you are in for a very tough time. I have come across countless clans of people who just flat out murder you in no time at all. Not because they are much better at the game than me, but because their numbers are so vast even though I am decent at combat I stand no chance.

The game to me leans heavily towards those that are willing to clan up. I had a bit more success when I played with two of my friends and we fought together and worked as a team and in all honesty, I had way more fun doing this than trying to lone-wolf it. Not all clans and groups of people will just murder you on-site and I did come across some cool folks.

Last Oasis is a very interesting MMO. I love the lore that they have created in this game and think it would make an awesome movie! The gameplay is great, it really is. I just wish that the game would balance things out so that those who want to play on their own actually have a fighting chance of survival.

Last Oasis
Last Oasis is a post-apocalyptic fantasy survival action MMO. Download it now and enter the captivating open world.
7 Total Score
Last Oasis Review Summary

  • One of the coolest premises I have come across in quite some time
  • The level design is great, very imaginative
  • I liked the progression that the game offered
  • The skill tree and progression are not complicated
  • It is fun to play with your friends
  • The game heavily favors clans
  • I wish the game had more cutscenes
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