Don’t Escape: 4 Days to Survive

I have played a lot of downloadable point-and-click adventure games over the years, but Don’t Escape: 4 Days to Survive is one of the best in recent memory. While this is probably best described as a point-and-click adventure game. What sets this apart from the rest for me is that it also has a real focus on survival too!

How to Download Don’t Escape: 4 Days to Survive

This adventure game can be downloaded from Steam. To begin, click on the Download button below this review, And if you like point-and-click Adventure Games in retro style, check out also our reviews of Guard Duty and Mage’s Initiation: Reign of the Elements.

The Game Review

The story of the game is great. It follows a guy called David who wakes one day to find the world is in a post-apocalyptic state. The moon has cracked in half and as a result, the Earth is in a major mess. The story is told in a very clever way and as the name suggests, the game takes place over the course of four days, with plenty of variation which does encourage you to play it again.

You use the mouse and a couple of keys to play the game so the core gameplay of Don’t Escape: 4 Days to Survive is very easy to get to grips with. Actually, the game starts you off with a very clever tutorial level (which you do not even realize is teaching you) that teaches you the basics of the game.

You will move around the world, exploring, interacting and investigating with anything that you think will move things along. There is a ton of stuff to interact with in this world, but the game does have a journal and a map which prevents you from getting completely lost. At the same time though it does not hold your hand so I feel it has a really perfect balance.

There are two aspects of the gameplay of Don’t Escape: 4 Days to Survive that I found very interesting and make the game really stand out. First is your inventory. You can only carry so many items, but the way the game does this is with weight. You can only carry so much weight so this forces you to prioritize certain items other others. It can be annoying on occasion, but it adds to the survival aspect of the game.

Don’t Escape: 4 Days to Survive also has a time system than you have to master. Making the most of your time in each of the four days is essential and something you may not figure out during your first playthrough. So, you explore during the day to get supplies and what you need to survive the “event” that is going to take place.

There is a clock icon that you need to keep an eye on. You see if you just screw around when you are supposed to be gathering supplies and items. By the time the “event” of that day happens. Chances are you will not be prepared and you will ultimately end up paying the price for that.

As you can see the art style is that retro pixel style. While I am of the opinion this has been done to death at this point. I do like it here in Don’t Escape: 4 Days to Survive. It fits the moody tone of the game very well and despite being primitive the graphics along with the sound do add a lot of personality to the game.

I had a great time with Don’t Escape: 4 Days to Survive and if you like point-and-click adventure games that make you think you will too! It has a lot of replay value and I genuinely found the story great. Just make sure you do not read any spoilers about the story before you play.

Don't Escape: 4 Days to Survive
Don't Escape: 4 Days to Survive is a post-apocalyptic setting point-and-click adventure game. Download it now and enjoy its old-school pixelated graphics and the terrific story.
9.5 Total Score
Don't Escape: 4 Days to Survive Review Summary

  • I really enjoyed the story
  • Replaying the game is greatly encouraged
  • You have to think about what you do
  • I like the way you have to make the most of your time
  • Plenty of puzzles and exploration to do
  • Some might not like the retro pixel art look
  • The weight mechanic can take a while to get used to
User Rating: 4.5 (2 votes)
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