Guard Duty

Guard Duty is a game that came across my radar thanks to a buddy. It is scheduled to be fully released at some point in 2019. I thought today we would take a closer look at what could be one of the best point-and-click adventures of this generation. If you have missed games like this then Guard Duty is something you need to take a closer look at.

How to Download Guard Duty

Guard Duty will become available for download in the spring of 2019. To check the availability, click on the Download button below the preview.

The Game Preview

The story of Guard Duty is really fun. It is actually told through two different time periods. With one being set in an old-timey, medieval kind to place and the other being set in the future of Neo London. If you watch the trailer for just 30 seconds you get an idea of the sense of humor that Guard Duty has.

A huge strength of the game is certainly its witty writing. Not only that, but there is tons and tons of voice acting in this game. I really think that this is handled very well and overall the game gives me an impression of Discworld meets Disenchanted and I actually mean that in the most complimentary way.

The art style is very retro I think saying that this looks like a 16-bit game is actually doing it a huge disservice. It more looks like a 32-bit game and to go back to a game I have already mentioned. It has a style that is quite reminiscent of the Discworld game that was released on the original PlayStation. The sprites all look great, but the animation is also done very well. This all helps to really immerse you in this world.

Many games try and go for the retro look and make no mistake that is the intention of Guard Duty. However, they have done it in as clean a way as possible. The art, animation along with the writing and the great voice acting do wonders to bring the game to life.

The gameplay that they have gone for is a modern take on the point and click adventure. As much as we loved those games back in the day we have to be honest. Some of them were super clunky be it in terms of item management, knowing what you are supposed to do and in the general controls.

Guard Duty is offering a more straightforward and streamlined puzzle-solving kind of gameplay. Do not get me wrong there is a challenge here, but things actually make sense and there is a handy quest log that is going to keep you on track with what you need to do. These modern conveniences will make playing Guard Duty way more fun as it takes away some of the hassles that these old style point and click adventure style games had

Guard Duty
Guard Duty is a retro-style fantasy point-and-click adventure game with RPG elements. Download it when it becomes available and have fun solving puzzles.
8.5 Total Score
Guard Duty Review Summary

bring the point and click adventure back. I really do feel that Guard Duty could be the game that actually nails it. If you love point and click adventures and games that really tug on those nostalgia strings, Guard Duty is a game that you have to look into.

  • Fantastic high-quality retro style
  • The writing is very clever
  • Lots of very humorous voice acting
  • The story spans two very different time periods
  • Fun streamlined point and click gameplay
  • No full release date just yet
  • Will some puzzles still be too cryptic?
User Rating: 4 (1 vote)
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