Far Cry New Dawn

I actually really liked Far Cry 5. So getting the chance to revisit that map and world the better part of two decades later was something I was very into. This is a budget-priced title and it is a lot shorter than you would expect from a typical Far Cry game. That though does not mean that Far Cry New Dawn is worth skipping out on.

How to Download Far Cry New Dawn

To get the game, click on the Download button below the review. This 2019 title is available on Steam. You might want to also check out the previous editions of the game: Far Cry Primal (2016), Far Cry 4 (2014), 3 ( 2012), 2 (2008), and the original (2004) or perhaps one of the several Far Cry 5 (2018) DLCs such as Lost on Mars.

The Game Review

Far Cry New Dawn is set 17 years after the events of Far Cry 5. 17 years is not a lot of time and in all honesty, not a lot has changed. It has a very familiar feeling to it, but that is actually a good thing. When you stumble across a place you know from Far Cry 5 and it is more run-down or it has been covered in plant life it is pretty cool.

The story of New Dawn is not all that memorable, but the new main villains are actually really cool. Mickey and Lou are twin sisters and they are badass. From their character designs to the way they talk to the brutal way they dispose of anyone who gets in their way. I thought that these were great characters and they kind of reminded me of people you would see on The Walking Dead.

As you would expect there is quite a bit of customization in Far Cry New Dawn. This ranges from spending time making sure your home base is well equipped. The way you go about this will change the way you go about the game in general. For example, I used most of the resources that I came across to upgrade my armory as quickly as possible, and as a result, I was vastly overpowered compared to the enemies I came across.

You also have a lot of control over how your character progresses. You get perk points and there are a ton of things that you can spend these on. Some of them make sense such as having an increased lung capacity or a larger space to store your items. Others like the double jump are kind of weird. Although as weird as a double jump is in a game like this, it comes in super handy.

The main map is very familiar, but Far Cry New Dawn also has some new areas that you can explore thanks to the Expedition Missions. These are really neat and will see you trying to steal something and get your butt back to the chopper before the enemies get you. Locations like a fallen space station, Alcatraz, and an old amusement park really do make these missions a stand-out part of the game.

Of course, you have to clear out a bunch of outposts and this is another fun aspect of the game. When you clear out an outpost you can then loot it and gather the resources. When you leave the enemy comes back, bigger and stronger than before. Now when you take the outpost you get even more of the good stuff that you need to make sure your base is coming along just the way you want.

Far Cry New Dawn is a fun experience. It does have a couple of graphical issues and the campaign is not super long. However, I will say that for a budget game this is pretty awesome and it is also a lot of fun. If you have played through Far Cry 5 and enjoyed that, you will have a fun time with New Dawn also. Oh one more thing, you can get a buddy to play through this with you in co-op so that is cool!

Far Cry New Dawn
Far Cry New Dawn is an open-world, post-apocalyptic first-person perspective shooter. Download it now and bring peace to Hope County.
9 Total Score
Far Cry New Dawn Review Summary

  • The two main villains are really cool
  • The Expedition Missions are a lot of fun
  • You can play through it with a buddy
  • The side missions and content will keep you busy
  • It is being sold as a budget title
  • The story is not very long
  • A few graphical issues can take you out of the moment
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