Far Cry 3

The Developers Ubisoft have struck gold with their downloadable gem Far Cry 3. Impressively, it achieves the perfect balance of story and exploration. Furthermore, it elaborates on the core themes present within its predecessors. As a result, this open-world epic stands head and shoulders above other games of its genre.

How to Download Far Cry 3

To download Far Cry 3 (which was released in 2012), simply click on the Download button at the end of the review. You might also want to download its sequel Far Cry 4, which is set in a Himalayan country (2014) or Far Cry 5 set in Montana (2018).

The Game Review: An Open-World Wonderland

In part, this is courtesy of an intoxicating blend of intense combat and a sprawling yet immersive open world. Not to mention, a Stella performance from its stand-out villain. Unlike other RPG’s of its breed, Far Cry 3 encourages the player to explore its vast environments. In many ways, this is all due to the stunning locations bursting with vibrancy and realism, in equal measure.

Far Cry 3 boasts of a world unlike any other. This tropical paradise of possibilities is home to sumptuously sandy shores, lush vegetation and a whole host of creatures. The animal kingdom lurks all around.

The extensive list of species ranges from water-based animals to land-roaming beasts, all of which possess realistic A.I. For instance, large meat-eaters such as bears, and tigers will stalk their prey and pounce with precision, whereas smaller, less aggressive mammals will run at the sight of danger or perform coordinated attacks in groups or pairs.

The way in which the predatory instincts and behavioral patterns show on screen is ultra-realistic. So then, this forces you to think on your feet when cornered. But you know what they say, a wounded animal is a dangerous one.

At this point, I should mention just how scary some of the fight scenes are. Not to mention those large fish lurking in shark-infested waters, and yes, by fish I mean sharks, bull sharks to be precise. Taking on one of these brutes with only a blade to your name, stranded in deep water is a harrowing experience.

Word of warning, you’re going to need a bigger boat. Thankfully, the vehicles in Far Cry 3 accommodate for this very thing. As well as off-road types and def-defying zip-lines, players can take to the seven seas, thanks to a range of boats and small vessels.

Visually, Far Cry 3 is in a class of its own. Moreover, it’s hard not to stand back and admire the depth of color and detail hidden in the landscape. Water shimmers in the warm light of the sun and plants show off their vigor with splashings of color. All the while, metal-based objects like guns and jeeps glisten and sparkle. It’s a real sight to behold, and a true treat for the senses.

The gameplay is where Far Cry 3 indeed comes into its own. In simple terms, there are so many things to do and see on Rook Island. Whether that’s the host of mini-games, challenges or side quests that fall alongside the campaign trail, each of these brings something fun. If you wish to stay clear of the primary quest-line for a while, you can.

There are also tombs to raid, supply drops to locate and time-trials to conquer. If all the hustle and bustle of nature is getting you down, then fear not folks. Players can take to the skies in gliders to peruse the land below, and to soak in all that great scenery. Remember your helmet though; it’s a long way down.

Sadly though, not all is sunshine and rainbows, however glorious that may be. Hence, the games graphical beauty is a far cry from the greed and corruption taking place at the heart of Rook Island. Right from the game’s roots, the story sinks its tenterhooks in you, leaving you with bated breath, time and time again.

What starts as an innocent, thrill-seeking adventure for a group of eager college kids, swiftly escalates into a fight for survival. The “too good to be true” vacation, (it often is), soon turns sour when a vile-drug baron escorting the loveable rogues around the island takes members of the group hostage and enacts a ransom scenario, which helps to set a precedent for the game going forward.

The story stays strong right up to the end point. Better still, the cinematic style and the enigmatic nature of its villain makes for a gripping plot. Also, it’s one that is full of exciting twists and unpredictable turns. Especially as you reach the curtain call, and the tail end of the game comes into play.

Drug taking is not something I condone, and nor should it ever be. However, many parts of the story involve taking ancient elixirs and hallucinogens, both of which pack quite a punch. Equally, these tribal concoctions tie in nicely to the perk tree system.

Further still, it elevates and, in some ways, distorts the plot to a degree. After all, being high as a kite and fighting a vast fire-breathing, devil-god is bound to leave some scar tissue.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, Far Cry 3 takes the series to new heights while fine-tuning a lot of the RPG elements which made those initial entries in the saga so adored. More still, its graphical grandeur is matched only by the enveloping world it promotes. Finally, a vile villain and a curious Island full of mystery and wonder create an amusement park that’s just too much of a temptation to pass up.

Far Cry 3
Far Cry 3 is an open world first-person shooter game set on a tropical island. Download it now and enjoy the beautiful scenery, its RPG elements, and its crafting system.
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  • Great story
  • Fantastic RPG elements
  • No in-game map
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