World War Z

I must admit that despite being a huge fan of zombie movies, World War Z really did not do it for me. I am not saying it was a bad movie, but it felt like it lasted half an hour too long. Despite that, I was very excited to check out the game, World War Z. What I can tell you right off the bat does not have much if anything to do with the movie at all.

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You can download the game from Epic Game Store. To begin, click on the Download button below the review.

The Game Review

The idea of World War Z is for you and up to three buddies to join forces as you survive against the largest zombie hordes ever seen in a game in a 3rd person balls-to-the-wall shooter. I swear the size of the zombie hordes here makes Dead Rising look tame in comparison. World War Z is being heavily compared to Left 4 Dead and that is a very fair comparison.

World War Z lets you pick from different classes and each class has its own strengths, weakness, and abilities. For example, I took a shine to the medic and as the medic, I had a gun that boosted health along with a decent assault rifle type weapon. So, picking a class that works to your gaming strengths will make things more fun and also make you more useful to your team.

There is a nice variety to the stages in World War Z and you will be going to different locations such as New York and Japan which is cool. While surviving against thousands of zombies is the main goal. On occasion, you will be tasked with doing something else such as getting a certain number of items or something like that.

The zombies look great and seeing them all climb on top of each other (one of the coolest aspects of the movie by the way) looks pretty amazing in the game. There are some really cool set pieces one that really made me say wow was when it felt like it was literally raining zombies down on me.

There are “special” zombies that you have to deal with in addition to the masses of the regular undead. These will take more teamwork and firepower to put down and as you would expect they dish out a ton more damage. Most of the time you die, it will be because of one of the special zombies.

While the game has a very Left 4 Dead feel to it. One way that I feel it actually improves on Left 4 Dead is with the progression. As you play you can level up, but not just your character, your weapons as well. You can then get some pretty neat upgrades which will then be attached to that weapon when you find it. I think this is really cool and for me, it got me more invested in what was going on.

I have been playing World War Z on the PlayStation 4 and the game does have some issues. Frame rate issues have been my main problem, but getting into a game with my buddies feels far harder than it should. I have heard this is the case for the other platforms too.

World War Z is not just another zombie shooter unless they actually make a Left 4 Dead, I feel that this is as close to it as we are going to get. It is not a perfect game and I am not sure I would come out and say that it is flat out better than Left 4 Dead. What I will say though is if you love zombie shooters, especially ones you can play with your friends you are in for a great time with this.

World War Z
World War Z is a post-apocalyptic third-person zombie shooter. Download it now and see if it is as good as the 2013 movie of the same title.
7 Total Score
World War Z Review Review Summary

  • Thousands of zombies to kill!
  • The locations are pretty interesting
  • Some amazing set pieces
  • There are different classes to play as
  • Upgrade system is quite rewarding
  • You can still play offline by yourself
  • Getting into matches with friends is more hassle than it should be
  • Some frame rate issues here and there
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