Emily Wants To Play

I love scary games and Emily Wants To Play certainly made me jump more than once! This is a survival-based horror game that is popular with YouTubers and Twitch streamers. Any game that features creepy dolls always gets my attention, despite the fact I usually end up yelling when I get scared and getting mocked by my wife!

How to Download Emily Wants To Play

You can download the game for Windows, macOS, PS4, Xbox One, Android, and iOS. Click on the Download button below this review to make your choice. If you like the game and the jump scares experience it provides, check out also another brilliant horror title by the same author, the terrifying Pacify.

The Game Review

The premise is kind of interesting. You are a pizza delivery dude who arrives at a creepy house, the door is open so you go in! Once you are inside the door will slam behind you and you are trapped. As you walk around a little bit you start to realize that there is something sinister going on here.

You discover that this place is haunted by these creepy dolls and if you want to get out of this house you need to survive 6 hours. Each hour is about five minutes of game time. Each of the three dolls not only looks different, but they each also have a different “game” that they want you to play with them.

One doll when it appears will require that you run away. One will need you to spot it and the other requires that you stand perfectly still. You fail any of these games and they get you! The game will go back to the last hour your survived and you can try again. It sounds easy, but it is way harder than you would think.

The most challenging aspect of the game is when the hours’ progress and all three dolls are in play at the same time. Sometimes you will be in a room and the doll that needs you to spot it and the standstill doll are there at the same time! This is an impossible situation and it can be frustrating when it does happen as it feels like your survival is more based on luck than anything else.

That is all there really is to the game. It is very simple in premise and rather short, but it does only cost a few bucks. The presentation is decent enough, it is not going to win any awards, but this house sure is creepy. You are always unsure when you walk into a room and when you hear giggles, you know that a doll is coming for you!

One thing that I really did like was when you are exploring the house there are things to be found. You can find notes and these recordings that let you know what is going on. This is something the game handles very well and it gives you just enough story/lore to keep you invested in what is going down.

I would say that Emily Wants To Play is a rather simple game, but it is a game that I did enjoy. If you like games with jump scares and horror themes I feel you will enjoy this. There may not be a ton to this, but what is here is fun. It is especially fun if you have people watching you play it or you are watching them.

Emily Wants To Play
Emily Wants To Play is a survival horror game with a virtual reality experience option. Download it and have a good time.
9 Total Score
Emily Wants To Play Review Summary

  • I like the premise and story of this game
  • The three dolls each have their own creepy look and personality
  • You can find things that flesh out the story
  • The game is very affordable
  • A full playthrough only takes around 30 minutes
  • The game is a bit on the short side
  • Sometimes your survival feels more about luck than anything else
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