I have played some great shooters over the years, but Superhot is one of the craziest I have had the pleasure to come across. The “gimmick” for Superhot is well known, time only moves when you do! As cool as I know this sounds, it is something that you truly do not realize how awesome it is until you have actually played it.

How to Download Superhot

You can download SUPERHOT from Steam, the PlayStation Store, the Nintendo Store or the Microsoft Store. Click on the Download button and make your choice.

The Game Review

The story is a very weird one and has a kind of Matrix, AI world type of thing going on. You are a badass and you have a ton of bad guys that want you dead. Little did they know that they are dealing with someone who is like a cross between Neo and John Wick!

The game starts and nothing is moving. The moment you move, time moves and this is the challenge of the game. You need to kill all of the enemies before they kill you, it sounds simple, but it is very challenging. One hit kills you so you have to pay full attention to your surroundings.

The game gives you limited weapons and ammo so you need to be clever with how you take them down. You may just think to shoot them, but that is not always possible. You can throw things, shoot things into enemies and take their weapons from them. There is plenty of ways that you can take them down and that is where the fun of Superhot is.

There is a campaign that you can play through. What I like about this is the way it starts of very simple. It does a great job of helping you learn the mechanics of the game. It does this before ramping up the difficulty and forcing you to think outside of the box in order to kill all of the enemies. It does this very well and some levels can be frustrating, but there is always a way to do it.

As well as the campaign, you can also have fun with an endless mode. The endless mode is a real test of your skill and probably best for when you want a quick fix of Superhot action. The presentation is very minimalistic, but I like it. It gives the game its own identity and has a very cool and stylish thing about it.

The version of Superhot that I have played is on the PlayStation 4, but from what I understand they are all great. One version I want to give special attention to is Superhot VR which is just incredible. I played this stand-alone version of the game on the PSVR and it was even more immersive and fun than the regular version of the game!

Overall, Superhot is a truly amazing experience. It is the kind of game that you cannot truly appreciate unless you have played it. Written and video reviews really do not do this game justice! If you like shooters and want one that is both cool and will also make you think, Superhot is the game for you.

Superhot is a ground-breaking first-person shooter game in which time passes only when you move. Download it now.
9 Total Score
Superhot Review Summary

  • The game is just flat out cool in every regard
  • The story is strange, but kind of awesome as well
  • Tons of levels to play
  • Endless mode is super intense
  • Plenty of ways to take enemies down
  • Some might find certain levels frustrating
  • You really have to play it to see how good it is
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