Rez Infinite

Even the original Rez holds up well, but Rez Infinite is most certainly the Rez game you want to play. This is a game that is just as good in VR as it is playing on a TV screen or a monitor. There are a few games that never age and I have a feeling that Res Infinite is going to be one of them.

How to Download Rez Infinite

You can download the game from Steam. And if you like music game be sure to also check out the hits: Just Shapes & Beats and A Dance of Fire and Ice.

The Game Review

The premise of Rez is kind of cool. You need to kill all of the bugs (and their projectiles) that are in this cyberspace world so that you can awaken the being inside of it. While I get that the “story” of Rez Infinite is weird, there is something very cool and sci-fi about it that I love.

Rez Infinite is best described as an on-rails shooter. You are always moving along a designated path and aiming and shooting is what you have to concern yourself with. You hold down the shoot button, moving it over targets and letting go to unleash a huge combo! It is a very satisfying way to shoot down enemies and it is far tougher than I am making it sound.

The reason for this is that enemies can come at you from all angles and some of them are not shy about shooting you with a ton of projectiles. Rez Infinite is a challenging shooter, but I feel that it is one that rewards skill and punishes you for not paying proper attention.

The boss battles are the most challenging aspect of Rez Infinite. Most of these have multiple stages, prisons to escape and a ton of things to avoid. Thankfully you can get items as you go and you can fill up a meter that will let you unleash a more powerful attack that can kill a ton of enemies at once. I highly recommend saving this for the boss!

This is a game that is never going to age as the visuals and music are timeless. I am an old school rock fan, but I must admit I love the techno/dance music that Rez Infinite has. When you kill an enemy, the music gets more effects added to it and it truly does get you more pumped up for the game.

The visuals have a very “Tron” style to them and you do imagine yourself being trapped inside this cyber world and that you are willing to do anything to save it. The graphics and the sound really do go together perfectly and while we are looking at Rez Infinite. Even if you look at the original on Dreamcast and PS2, you can see how these visuals are going to hold up forever.

Rez Infinite is an amazing game. It is a game that I have played through many, many times and on multiple platforms. If you have already played this game to death on PS4 or PC.  I highly recommend that you consider giving it a try in VR as it makes the game even more immersive. Without a doubt, Rez Infinite is a must play!

Rez Infinite
Rez Infinite is an action shooter game in which will treat you to incredible visuals and a great soundtrack. Download it now.
9 Total Score
Rez Infinite Review Summary

  • The music is amazing
  • The gameplay is fun, exciting and challenging
  • A true treat for your eyes
  • It can put you in a Zen-like state when you get good
  • The boss fights are really epic
  • It can get quite frantic at times
  • You will become very addicted!
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