A Dance of Fire and Ice

I have played some strange games over the years and I would put the premise of A Dance of Fire and Ice right up there with the strangest. I was not sure what to expect from this indie game, but when a friend told me it was about two planets dancing together (a horrible description by the way)  I was intrigued.

How to Download A Dance of Fire and Ice

You can download the game from Steam. There’s also a free demo for you to try before you buy! To proceed, click on the button below the review. If you like music games, be sure to also get your hands on osu!, Just Dance 2019, the VR game Beat Saber or Just Shapes and Beats.

A Dance of Fire and Ice has little to do with Games of Thrones also known as A Song of Fire and Ice. If you wish to play a game set in this fantasy universe get this one: Reigns: Game of Thrones.

The Game Review

The idea of the game is that there are these two planets who are dancing through the cosmos together. One is red one is blue, hence the name A Dance of Fire and Ice. This is a rhythm-based game and it is a game that is more about what you hear than what you see.

The only thing you need to worry about in the game is the spacebar. The two planets will hop along to the beat and you need to press the spacebar in time with the music. It sounds very easy and like it would be boring, but I can assure you that A Dance of Fire and Ice is far from easy and boring!

Some of these beats are very, very tricky and you think you have it nailed and then it will change ever so slightly. It is a game where you really must listen and pay attention to what the music is doing. Speaking of music, it is fantastic. It features all kinds of genres and each one brings with it its own unique kind of challenge.

A Dance of Fire and Ice is rather short and I would bet that you could get through all of the levels in a couple of hours. But there are other challenges you can do like using the speed modifiers which makes the game really crazy.

The presentation, on one hand, is very, very basic, but the different “solar systems” you go through are well done and I do feel that they match up with the music pretty well. Of course in a game like this. The last thing you want to be doing is looking around at the backgrounds as it can really throw you off. One mistake can really mess your game up, I know this from personal experience.

A Dance of Fire and Ice is a game that when you see gameplay footage of it appears to be very easy. While the gameplay is what I would class as simple it is not easy at all. The beats get harder and harder as you progress and it is the kind of game that really does keep you on your toes. I played this in the house on my own, I would imagine with someone else in the room, the TV on or another distraction it would be even harder!

It is worth noting that you can try this game out for free. I do think that it is well worth doing that. Also, the actual game if you do like it only costs a couple of bucks and I really do feel that it is worth that.

There may not be a lot to A Dance of Fire and Ice, but what is here is a lot of fun. It is easy to get into, but man this is one tough rhythm game. While it is tough I am sure you will have a lot of fun while you play. At the very least, check out the free demo that you can play.

A Dance of Fire and Ice
A Dance of Fire and Ice is a game in which you will test your sense of rhythm. Download it now and enjoy the gameplay.
9.5 Total Score
A Dance of Fire and Ice Review Summary

  • One of the more challenging rhythm games
  • The presentation is great
  • Lots of different genres of music
  • Some fun extras you can do
  • It really makes you pay attention to the sound
  • It is very, very challenging
  • Not a very long game
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