Scanner Sombre

From the developers of the critically acclaimed Prison Architect comes Scanner Sombre, a cerebral cave-exploration game. This oddity belongs to the walking-sim sub-genre of titles making massive headway in the industry. In spite of this, the adventure is an experience like no other. As a result, a beautiful voyage of discovery although brief, and somewhat bizarre, awaits.

How to Download Scanner Sombre

Scanner Sombre is available on Steam. What is more, you can also download a free demo of the game. Additionally, you can get the official soundtrack of the game. To start downloading, hit the button below this review.

The Game Review: A Sight To Behold

Equally, the game stands out thanks to its one-of-a-kind concept which although simple, leaves an everlasting impression on the player. Furthermore, the visual limitations create stark moments of horror. All of which highlight humanities dependence on sight, as one of the five senses. Overall, Scanner Sombre is a truly unique game. Further still, it acts as the perfect poster boy for the ever-growing field of virtual reality.

At its heart, Scanner Sombre is a highly-atmospheric cave-dwelling affair. What’s more, it’s a game which immerses you, right from its inception.

While this game is a little light on the story aspect of things, the sheer originality of its premise is evident from the off. Meaning, it keeps you hooked in and glued to the screen at all times. Initially, players must leave the warm light of a campfire to step into the abyss. Moreover, it just so happens that this void is a creepy, pitch-black cave-system.

First off, the player must use a virtual scanner to determine the contours and geometry of objects. Once pointed towards the dark, the shapes and the symmetry of the surrounding areas soon become apparent. Splashes of pixelated colors flood the screen as lines begin to form.

What starts as a narrow, claustrophobic journey, soon morphs into an intoxicating one. As vibrant bubbles of color gradually paint a clear image. Soon these lines of definition begin to show off structures which pronounce the map to the player. Also, they act as a compass to aid navigation.

Slowly but surely, the player begins to make sense of the world around them. Thus, allowing them to move onto the next stage. That’s the beauty of this game; it plays on your emotions and projects profound psychological effects. Having said that, there’s always the feeling of “well I’ve come this far” which lingers on the mind. The mystery of what lies ahead becomes too much of a temptation. There’s no turning back now.

It’s not a genre that will appeal to fans of fast-paced action games and those chasing thrills. Instead, it cultivates elements of suspense courtesy of a slow build, which asserts its grip on you over time.

Additionally, the lack of resources and a means by which to defend yourself add to the sense of vulnerability as you step forth into the unknown. It plays tricks on the mind like you wouldn’t believe.

As you explore the holographic world of horrors, each area unveils new mysteries which hint at the origins of the cave, in a subtle yet suggestive way. Another critical aspect is the OST, which anchors the mood to a significant degree, and heightens the atmosphere throughout the game. Soon enough, you won’t be so afraid of the dark as you once were as a wee-nipper. That is, as long as you remember to munch away on those darn carrots.

Scanner Sombre
Scanner Sombre is a horror adventure game in which you explorer a dark cave. Download it now and be prepared for a stunning experience.
9 Total Score
Scanner Sombre Review Summary

In summary, Scanner Sombre is authentic in so many ways, and despite its shortcomings, it delivers an out of this world experience. What follows is an atmospheric journey into the abyss, full of wonder, dread, and excitement. All in all, this is a one-off game that deserves your undivided attention.

  • Inventive game-play concept
  • Mood-altering ambiance
  • Hugely atmospheric
  • Not for those who suffer from Nyctophobia
  • Short-lived story
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