Any new horror-based game is always going to grab my attention as I love horror. That is true even if the game has a very hard-to-say name like Labyrinthine here! As of writing, this is a game that is still in early access and it does very abruptly end. However, I feel that there are more than a few hours of gameplay here to keep you entertained until the next update.

How to Download Labyrinthine

You can download the game from Steam. There is also a free demo for you to try before you buy. Click on the Download button at the end of the review.

The Game Review

Like any good horror game, there is a pretty fun story here. The idea is that this old lady created this creepy maze on her property then went missing. Throughout the years, people have gone into the maze and never come out! So, this maze seems like the perfect thing to open as an attraction at the fair, doesn’t it?

You and three friends are hired to work in the maze, but you soon find out why so many people have gone missing here. Now, you and your buddies must work together to try and survive the horrors of the maze! What I liked about the story was that the lore of the maze and of those who have gone missing unfolds through notes and things you find as you play.

Labyrinthine is played from the first-person perspective and you along with three other people need to work together to survive and get out. You can play this on your own, but the developers flat out state that this game is intended to be played with your friends. Communication is key here!

You cannot just run around the maze-like a headless chicken! There are things that are stalking you in the maze and there is a ton of jump scares too. You will have to find items, solve various puzzles and figure out what certain things do in order to progress through the maze.

I liked how there were items that could help you. You can use glow sticks to leave behind you so that you can tell where you have been before, you can use a flare gun to tell your friends where you are, and so on. Things like this are great and make for an interesting way to communicate with each other.

Each time I have played this, we have tried to stay together, but ultimately you end up alone, someone wanders off or something chases you and you end up apart! It is done very well and the tension can be high, it can be a lot of fun when your buddies are scared and freaking out!

At the moment there is probably around three hours of gameplay here in Labyrinthine. It just kind of ends and that can be a bit annoying and off-putting if I am being honest. I know the game is in early access, but I wish it had a bit more of a “logical” ending at this stage than just ending the way it does.

As far as the presentation goes, this maze is one hell of a creepy-looking place. The character models look a bit basic, but the things that stalk you in the dark are cool. The scariest thing though is these wooden horror signs that will spring at you every now and again.

In all, I think that Labyrinthine is a fun horror game and a great horror game if you are looking for something to play with your friends. This is a budget-priced game and I feel for the modest asking price, you are getting a very decent horror game. I just wish they would hurry up and add more content to the game.

Labyrinthine is a co-op adventure game with a horror theme. Download it now and solve the creepy mystery of the maze you're in.
9 Total Score
Labyrinthine Review Summary

  • I love the lore behind the maze that unfolds
  • It is a ton of fun to play with your friends, especially when they get scared
  • The maze is very creepy
  • The things you can pick up to help you are quite clever, I liked the use of glowsticks especially
  • The game is still not completed
  • The way the current game just ends feels a tad frustrating
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