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From what I have read, Slendytubbies 3 is the end of this incredibly strange, but captivating horror series. In case you do not know, Slendytubbies is the mixing of the Slender Man games (check out Slender: The Eight Pages and Slender: The Arrival) and Teletubbies, the smash-hit kid’s TV show. It is the kind of thing that had to start off as a joke, but it took off. Took off so much that this is actually the fifth game in the series.

How to Download Slendytubbies 3

You can download the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the game by clicking the Download button at the end of the review. Another choice you can make while downloading is to choose between the multiplayer-only and multiplayer and singleplayer versions (two in one).

The Game Review

I feel that even if you have not experienced the series before that you could jump in here and not feel lost. The reason that I say that is because the game has a story that flows very easily. Now granted, you will get more from the story if you have played the other games, but I do not think you would be completely lost.

The game starts off as a prequel featuring events that happened before the very first Slendytubbies game. I found this to be really cool and kind of horrifying in that the Teletubbies are front and center…. Especially poor Po! The rest of the game picks up after the events of the second game.

The gameplay is that of a horror game with puzzle-solving elements thrown in. Jump scares are plenty here and when that crazy maniac, Tinky Winky comes for you it is very scary stuff. The game does have a reliance on jump scares, but there is a whole uneasiness to the game that stays with you the whole time you play it.

A huge part of this is because there are moments that will make you laugh. However, when you let your guard down and laugh at something, like the dialogue something happens and scares you. It is very clever and it walks a fine line the whole time you are playing the game.

You will be exploring various areas where you will have to complete certain objects like fixing a pipe for example. You can talk to characters and there are sections in the game where you get to make decisions. These decisions can alter things which is kind of neat as it does mean you may want to go back and see what would happen if you made a different choice.

Speaking of choices, like other horror games, Slendytubbies 3 is not scared of killing you dead without notice! This is an area of the game that may lead to frustration. There are times when it happens and it is cool and there are others where it gets on your nerve more than makes you jump or anything like that.

It is worth noting that while I only dabbled in the single-player aspect of the game. They have put a multiplayer mode in here which looks like it would be a lot of fun. I never had anyone to play this with (cue sad face) but from what I have seen on YouTube. The multiplayer on offer here looks like it would be a good time with your buddies.

I know that on the surface the idea of this game sounds dumb. Yet if you were to look online, the people who have played Slendytubbies 3 never have anything bad to say about it. It is a fun game and a clever idea and a reason why I am so glad that my son has outgrown the Teletubbies as I would never turn my back on Tinky Winky.

Slendytubbies 3
Slendytubbies 3 is a survival horror game with the multiplayer and the single-player modes to choose from. Download it now.
8 Total Score
Slendytubbies 3 Review Summary

  • The idea of the game is great
  • The Teletubbies look creepy as hell
  • I liked the adventure/puzzle-solving kind of gameplay
  • There is some replay value here
  • The multiplayer mode looks fun
  • Might make you jump a tad too much
  • You will never look at Teletubbies the same
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