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Sakura Gamer is part of the Sakura series of video games (check out also our reviews of Sakura Swim Club, Sakura Angels, and Sakura Dungeon. This is a series that is all about fun characters and being lewd. Visual novels are very, very popular and this is one of the better and more fun ones out there. There is nudity in this game so it goes without saying that you do not want to be playing this at work.

How to Download Sakura Gamer

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The Game Review

The story of the game is pretty charming and fun. Sure, the story is not going to win any awards, but it will make you smile and keep you interested. The main character is a young woman called, Nekohime and she hates her job. One day she gets the chance to change careers.

This is because her roommate, Clover who is also her best friend, convinces her to work with her and create a lewd visual novel. The feisty Suki moves in with them and she also works with them to try and create this visual novel. So, you are playing a visual novel about three hot girls who want to make their own visual novel.

Sakura Gamer offers you three different paths to go down so you do have a decent amount of replay value here. One of the things I liked was how small the cast of characters was as it kept things more focused. Each of the three ladies has their own personality and it is fun to see them develop.

It was kind of funny how the three characters would make fun of the regular tropes that are in visual novel games. I am sure that one of the main things which will draw people to this game is the gorgeous artwork. All three of the characters look stunning and the animated, almost comic book style of the visuals is very appealing. Even the backgrounds are very well done.

My only gripe with the way that the game looks is that I wish it had a bit of animation. There is nudity in this game, but the version I played on STEAM was nowhere near as graphic as some other visual novels that I have played. However, I have since learned that you can download a patch that can add a few naughty things into the game.

As far as the gameplay goes if you have played any visual novel game before you will know what to expect here. The majority of what you will be doing in this game is reading the story. You get to make choices as the story progresses and these will dictate what one of the three paths the story will take.

In all, Sakura Gamer is a fun and charming lewd visual novel game. It has three characters that are cute, funny, and well-written. You do want to see them succeed as well as see them in all their glory if you know what I am saying. If you are a fan of lewd visual novels, give this one a closer look.

Sakura Gamer
Sakura Gamer is an anime visual novel that tells the story of Nekohime, a girl who once dreamt to become a game developer. Download it now.
9 Total Score
Sakura Gamer Summary

  • The graphics are nice
  • I liked the dynamic between the three main characters
  • The story is fun and cute
  • The game has three paths for you to experience
  • It is very easy to get into
  • The game could have used a little bit of animation
  • The soundtrack feels like it is more from a retro game
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