Sakura Angels

Sometimes a visual novel game can be more than just boobs and hot anime girls. I am not saying that is fully the case here. However, I do get the impression that a visual novel-style game that is as much about the story as it is anime-style boobs is what they were going for. Although it does have those giant boobs! This is not a genre for everyone, but if you enjoy these types of experiences you might want to take a closer look at this one.

How to Download Sakura Angels

You can get the game from Steam. Click on the Download button, which you will find at the end of this review. Be sure to also read our review of Sakura Swim Club.

The Game Review

As this is a visual novel game the actual gameplay is as barebones as you would expect. You do on occasion get to pick one of two options that can alter things ever so slightly. I never got the impression that the choices I was making really were going to have any major consequences. To be fair this is not unusual for the genre.

The story that is here is one that I actually really enjoyed. The main protagonist is a “typical” high school guy who has these really intense headaches. One day particularly intense headaches result in a giant monster coming for him and two hot babes appearing to protect him! Look I know what you are thinking here!

You are thinking that these two big-boobed babes have come to save him so they can then hook up with him? Well, that is not 100 percent actually the case. The story has a witch, an ancient evil and two big boobed protectors and I found it to be kind of cool actually. It is the kind of story that I would certainly watch if they made a movie out of it.

There are some good twists here and the humor is also something I liked. In general, the writing is quite clever and not too long-winded like some of these other visual novel games. I think the fact that you actually like the characters and want to know what happens next is what drives you to the end.

The art style is one that I really liked. I will not say this is doing anything groundbreaking in terms of its visuals, but what is here I like. Everything, of course, has that anime look and the girls are perhaps a bit over-sexualized, but it is clean, smooth, and well done. The soundtrack is quite fitting with the game and never feels out of place or distracting.

In all, if you have played a visual novel game before, you know what to expect here. The game is not as sexual as some others, but that is not really a bad thing. The story is pretty fun and the main characters are interesting enough that you do care about what happens to them.

Sakura Angels
Sakura Angels is an anime visual novel in which two girls will be saving you from an evil witch. Download it now and let them succeeed.
9 Total Score
Sakura Angels Review Summary

  • I liked the story that the game told
  • The art is very well done
  • The characters are likable
  • The story moves at a pretty quick pace
  • It does let you make some decisions
  • The girls might be a bit over-sexualized for some
  • Not much if any actual gameplay here
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