Sakura Dungeon

I know that you may look at the Steam page for Sakura Dungeon and think this is nothing more than a porn game with giant anime boobs. Well, you are partially right, but there is so much more to Sakura Dungeon than just the boobs and sex. This is actually a very well made and fun dungeon crawler, visual novel, RPG hybrid that is far better than you would think.

How to Download Sakura Dungeon

To download the game, click on the Download button at the end of the review. Check out also other Sakura series titles from Winged Cloud that we reviewed: Sakura Swim Club and Sakura Angels.

The Game Review

When you talk about a game like this you have to start with the story. The main character, Ceri is a monster hunter for hire. One day, she accidentally awakens Yomi who is a fox girl and Yomi kicks her butt! Eventually, Yomi gets Ceri to help her retake her home which is a dungeon overrun by all kinds of nasty things. That right there is the basics of the story.

It is not the most original plot in the world, but it works. There is quite a bit of dialogue in the game and for the most part, it is quite fun. The game does have a ton of characters, but most of these are just throwaway characters you will not care about. On the flip side of this, Ceri, Yomi, and a few others do have personalities that will make you interested in what is happening.

The visual style of Sakura Dungeon is pretty darn good. If you have a thing for monster girls then I am sure you will like what has been done here. Everything has a nice a bright style to it and all the right things jiggle just like you would want them to. That brings me onto what we have to talk about when looking at a game like this and that is sex.

The version that is currently on Steam is censored which is always the case. There is however a patch that you can download on the developers Patreon that takes away the censorship. This is something that many hentai/lewd games have to do in order to get past Steams censorship rules.

The gameplay here is way better than you would think. This is a well-made dungeon crawler that has you going floor to floor of a dungeon kicking butt as you do. You will need to solve puzzles, puzzles that your allies will give you hints about and then leave you to solve them. These are never too cryptic and they do help add a bit of variety to the gameplay.

Finding your way around can be a bit challenging in some places. This has an old school map to it where it only fills in the areas you have been. Combat in Sakura Dungeon is very interesting in that you can have unlimited people in your party, but six at a time in a battle. You have three on the front row and then three in the back.

This adds a great deal of strategy to the game as the three upfront do the damage while the three at the back are “resting” and getting energy. Each character has their own attacks and abilities and there are a ton of characters in this game. Like in Pokémon, you can capture a monster when you beat it and add it to your team.

Some characters join your team for story purposes and these tend to be the most interesting ones. There is also a “town” area like you would expect in an RPG where you can get items and sort your party and so on. It is quite surprising just how much of a full game this is. I like this as far too many “erotic” games try to get by on their sexy characters.

Overall, Sakura Dungeon is a game that is far better than it has any right to be. Even if you just play the censored version on Steam you will be impressed at how good this is. Yes, there are boobs and yes there is a lot of sex. However, none of this is done at the expense of the gameplay.

Sakura Dungeon
Sakura Dungeon is an anime visual fantasy role-playing game. Downlaod it now and fight against formidable foes.
9.5 Total Score
Sakura Dungeon Review Summary

  • The turn-based RPG fighting is fun
  • The presentation is great in every regard
  • Some of the dialogue has a lot of charm to it
  • I liked being able to take an enemy and add them to my team
  • Many of the characters are likable
  • The game is censored on Steam
  • It is a little on the short side
User Rating: 1.8 (5 votes)
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