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Persona 4 Golden is one of the best games for the PlayStation Vita. It started life out as a PS2 game before getting that HD paint for the Vita. Now thanks to Steam, we have the ultimate version of Persona 4 Golden! No matter if you have played this game to death, the Steam version is still worth checking out.

How to Download Persona 4 Golden

To download the game for your Windows machine from Steam of for your PS Vita from the PlayStation Store, click on the Download button below this review. Check out also our review of the follow-up Persona 5.

The Game Review

This is the perfect example of what a JRPG should be all about. I would argue that this is one of the greatest JRPGs of all time actually. The story is truly fantastic, engrossing, and has you wondering what the heck will happen next the whole time you are playing the game. I have beaten the game multiple times and still love the story that it tells.

The basics are that you move to a small countryside town and are trying to fit in at this high school. You are making friends; things are going good and then people start dying! You and your friends realize this is due to a killer using a TV to send people to another world and you guys need to save the day. It sounds weird, but the story really is awesome.

There is high school drama here, saving the world and many mysteries and twists and turns. This is a story that truly does have it all. During the day, you spend your time at school, fitting in, making friends, and learning more about the mystery of what this killer is all about it. This is a way bigger part of the game than you would think.

Thankfully, most of the characters are handled very, very well and it is never a chore to talk to people. There are also dungeons and this is where the game goes full-on JRPG. Each dungeon has its own theme, with various enemies, loot to get and of course, a boss to defeat and it is in these dungeons where your Personas come into play.

Personas are entities that you can get to fight for you. There are a ton of them in this game and they each offer various magic attacks; many people think of them like Pokémon. There are many different Personas to collect and if you ask me, you have only truly beaten the game once you have gotten them all.

The progression in the game is great. You are leveling up not just you, but your Personas as well. You can get new gear, items, and more, and grinding is something that you will be spending a great deal of time doing. For me, replaying dungeons over and over again is not just the best way to grind and get stuff, it is the most fun way to do it also. Thankfully combat is fun and not over complicated like in some other JRPGs.

Persona 4 Golden is a massive game and if you do take on all of the side content, you are looking at anywhere up to 100 hours. That does not even include the new game plus which has a new ending! This is a game that demands all of your time, but I feel that it is more than worth it as it is such a great experience.

It does start off very slowly and it is the kind of game where you learn by doing. There are tutorials, but I do not think they are that great. The early part of the game is rather easy and this is so that you can learn the basics of the game by doing. I like this, but I get it if you are put off by the somewhat slow start.

While this started life out as a PlayStation 2 game before making the jump in HD to the Vita. The game still looks great, a great job was done in bringing this to PC and while I would not say it looks as good as Persona 5, it is still a game that is very easy on the eyes. The level and Persona designs are very imaginative.

The soundtrack is fantastic and my favorite in the entire series. The characters do like to talk a great deal, but I really liked this. It made me feel more connected to the story and actually made me care about the characters even more. This ultimately led me to getting even more invested in the overall story.

As you have figured out by now, I love Persona 4 Golden. It is my favorite game for the PlayStation Vita and now it has come to PC even more people can enjoy it. This for me is the best way to experience the game and if you have even just the slightest interest in JRPGs this is a game you have to play. Plus, the asking price for a game of this quality is dirt cheap!

Persona 4 Golden
Persona 4 Golden is a Japanese RPG with turn-based combat and a fantastic detective storyline. Download it now.
10 Total Score
Persona 4 Golden Review Summary

  • One of the greatest JRPGs ever created
  • The game looks fantastic
  • A truly incredible and engrossing story
  • Lots of interesting characters
  • It is a massive game!
  • Some might struggle with the slow start
  • It does not look as good as its predecessor, but to be fair that is to be expected
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