Persona 5

Though it has 5 in its title, Persona 5 is technically the sixth game in the series. Coming from Japanese role-playing game powerhouse Atlus, this downloadable title 5 continues the series combination of Japanese teenage ennui and demonic sagas intact, becoming perhaps the best game in the series in the process.

How to Download Persona 5

You can download the game for your PS3 or PS4 from PlayStation Store. To start, hit the Download button located below the review. If you like JRPG games be sure to also check out and download Dragon Quest X or Octopath Traveler.

The Game Review

Developed by P.Studio and published by Atlus, Persona 5 continues the trademark series RPG combat that has made it a cult classic. Like other turn-based role-playing games, Persona 5 lets you level your character, gain new abilities, find new weapons and armor, as well as engage in a well-developed, detailed world.

Where the series differs from many others is in the “Persona” system and the Pokemon-esque way you collect demons to augment your abilities. When you encounter a new enemy type in Persona, you can convince it to join sides with you. This will allow you access to new powers and abilities. Sometimes you can convince a demon through sheer charisma and other times you can bribe it.

Combat takes place in a 3D plane with beautifully realized graphics and characters. The first thing you will notice about Persona 5 is that the combat is flashy, quick, and deeper than you ever expected. Newcomers are often intimidated by Persona’s complex systems, but Persona 5 does a great job of simplifying this as much as possible to make it accessible to new players

Of course, the JRPG combat found here is quite a standard fare. It is well done, to be sure, but it is nothing groundbreaking or terribly innovative. 

Why people love the Persona series is because of its complex, often strange stories that tackle everything from sexuality to deep-seated social insecurity. A huge portion of the game is devoted to learning more about the characters in your party and unveiling more about the world around them. 

That all of this takes place in a lovingly realized Tokyo, Japan, is just a bonus for some players. This title is infused with Japanese culture from the top down. Fans of anime and manga will really love the explosive art style employed here while the rest of us will probably marvel at just how slick the design is. 

This game absolutely drips with quality and attention to detail. It is tough to find a problem in any one area other than the story can sometimes be hard to follow given the many threads weaving together at once. 

But players looking for an “experience” need look no further. And Persona 5 knows this. The game makes itself as accessible as possible because the title is something that is to be experienced, like an epic Hollywood film. Quality of production and execution make Persona 5 one of the best RPGs of this generation.

Persona 5
Persona 5 is a turn-based JRPG set in Tokyo and in Metaverse which is a supernatural dimension in which you fight monsters. Download the game now and assume the role of a high school student.
9.5 Total Score
Persona 5 Review Summary

  • Amazing story that will keep you gripped for hours
  • Graphics, sound, music, and gameplay combine for a top-notch experience
  • Easily one of the best JRPGs of this generation
  • Combat is hit or miss for some people
  • There’s so much going on all the time
  • More grounded in the real world than some epic JRPGs
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