As far as mobile games go, I have to say that Azur Lane is one of the strangest I have played in some time. I know that “free” mobile games are always there to take your money and this one does, but Azur Lane is also a lot of fun and has some pretty interesting gameplay mechanics that make it worth a play.

How to Download Azur Lane

Azur Lane Review can be downloaded from Google Play Store. And if you like mobile anime RPGs check out also King’s Raid, Gachaverse or Fate/Grand Order.

The Game Review

If you play games on your phone or tablet you will be no stranger to RPG’s that try to mix what mobile games offer along with a fun RPG style game. That is what Azur Lane is going for, but as well as being what you would class “and RPG” this is also part side-scrolling shooter. It sounds very weird, but it all kind of works and is a fun and interesting experience.

The story of the game is super weird and I do not even know where to begin. Basically, the game is about battleships that are reimagined into cute school girls…. this is a thing now apparently. The art style is very cutesy and I do like that there is a lot of stuff going on when you are in the shooter sections of the game.

In terms of gameplay. You have different missions that you will need to complete. Each mission you play will use up a kind of energy and you can then try to beat the level. The goal is to have a squad of up to six high-quality girls/ships that are able to deal with the enemies that the game throws your way. You can upgrade and get new cool stuff as you play through the game.

There are a ton of gear pieces that you can get your hands on and these, of course, will make your girls more powerful. As you would expect there is in-game currency here and that comes in the form of oil and coins. Oil works as the stamina system in the game and coins are what you will be using to buy your stuff. As you probably have figured out, coins can be purchased with real-world money.

As this is a Japanese style schoolgirl game, you, of course, have a dorm type section where you can tend to all your girls. I am sure that some people will get a real kick out of this and there are a ton of options here, but for me, I found it a little much! Sometimes I just want to pick a character and not have to worry about upgrades, marriage and other stuff that a game like this throws your way.

The actual shooter sections are a lot of fun. Your character does move around pretty slow, but I really liked these shooter sections. In some ways, they kind of remind me of a more slow-paced version of Deathsmiles. Mixing these shooter sections with RPG elements works very well and I can see why Azur Lane is such a popular game.

Azur Lane is a game that turned out to be far better than I thought it would. I really like the idea of this game and I am sure that for those who like to micromanage stuff, they will invest a ton of hours into it. For me, I played it for a few hours without spending a penny and had a great time doing so.

Azur Lane
Azur Lane is a mobile anime role-playing game. Download it now to build your own fleet and with a help of some pretty girls.
8 Total Score
Azur Lane Review Summary

  • Some great 2D style visuals
  • The gameplay is a lot of fun in the shooter sections
  • There are some great RPG elements here
  • Plenty of stuff to get for your girls
  • Warships as girls???? It actually works
  • Sexy schoolgirls are not for everyone
  • It does want your real money!
User Rating: 4 (1 vote)
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