Fate/Grand Order

It is rare to find a game that spans arcades, iOS, and Android phones that is also a decidedly Japanese-inspired role-playing game, but such is the case with the downloadable mobile dame Fate/Grand Order. Developed by Delightworks and published by a range of different companies depending on the region of play, Fate/Grand Order is inspired by anime and manga but also has elements that would remind players of a Square Enix game.

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You can download the game from Apple App Store and Google Play Store. To start downloading Fate/Grand Order click on the link below the review.

Fate/Grand Order Review

Based upon the Fate/stay night visual novel, Fate/Grand Order is a turn-based role-playing game in which the player assumes the title of Master and summons “servants” into battle against foes. Similar to the familiars in the Persona series of games, these servants can be upgraded and leveled up according to their different talents and inclinations.

Drawn from various world mythologies, Fate/Grand Order also shares the Atlus series’ penchant for drawing upon world myth to fill its bestiary and pantheons. Told in the style of a visual novel, the narrative breaks up the otherwise grindy nature of the gameplay and also presents a compelling story all the while.

As the game is a mobile role-playing game, servants are obtained through a gacha mechanic that is random but can be influenced by in-game purchases as well as seasonal occurrences.

Players can either purchase or earn the in-game currency used to summon new servants and the game offers tons of different opportunities to get this currency. One of the most profitable games of its type to date, Fate/Grand Order boasts of a huge, dedicated worldwide community and shows no sign of slowing down. 

Gamers who love old school JRPGs and like the random element introduced by the gacha mechanic have tons of content to eat up in Fate/Grand Order but other players might find the grinding a little too much. Further, there is no escaping the anima-influenced presentation on offer here and if that isn’t your thing you might want to look elsewhere.

The story, involving high-stakes nonsense and the like, is not buoyed by strong characters or novel concepts. 

It is a trope-laden canvas upon which the core action of Fate/Grand Order takes place and nothing more.

That said, the world is lovingly crafted to some extent and the artwork presented here is gorgeously detailed and conceptualized. The team also deserves credit in the realm of the game’s music as it is suitably epic and upbeat at the appropriate moments. Most addictive is the gameplay and this will probably be the one feature that draws players back time and time again.

Fate/Grand Order

Fate/Grand Order is a mobile JRPG for Android and iOS devices. Download it for some cool turn-based tactical action.

9 Total Score
Fate/Grand Order Review Summary

  • Awesome combat and fighting system as well as suitably powerful spells and attacks
  • Easy to understand mechanics and gameplay systems
  • A gorgeous all-around package of JRPG goodness
  • Gacha mechanic can feel a little numbing and like a rip-off
  • If you don’t like JRPGs then look elsewhere as this game wears its inspirations on its sleeve
  • The grind is real in this game - don’t expect easy leveling or advancement
User Rating: 5 (1 votes)
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