Edge Of Eternity

With its small development team and Kickstarter roots. Many probably thought that the downloadable game Edge of Eternity would never see the light of day. Well, this small team (of only nine people) have pulled it all together and while the game is not fully finished. Edge of Eternity has all the makings of a truly fantastic JRPG.

How to Download Edge of Eternity

To download Edge of Eternity, click on the Download link below the review.

The Game Review

The Graphics

What catches your attention first of all about Edge of Eternity is the presentation. This game looks fantastic and how they got it looking this good with such a small team is beyond me. Both the characters and the world look amazing and they have a kind of Final Fantasy XII/Final Fantasy XV hybrid style going on. Which is not surprising as the people behind this game listed Final Fantasy as one of their main inspirations.

Mixing science fiction and fantasy together is something that I really like and I honestly cannot praise the visuals enough.


The sound design is also incredible, there is a lot of voice acting here and even though this is what you would call an indie game. The voice acting in Edge of Eternity is very well done. As for the music. Well, somehow they managed to get Yasunori Mitsuda to compose the score for the game. If that name sounds familiar it is because that is who did the music for Chrono Trigger & Xenoblade Chronicles


As good as Edge of Eternity looks it is the combat that has really blown me away. It uses a time-based system that is very similar to what is in Final Fantasy VII. You navigate menus to select your attack, ability, potion or whatever and then you do it. It is a system that is fun, strategic and it is also very easy to learn.

Far too many JRPG’s make combat so bloated that it is not fun. That is not the case here at all, combat is one of the best aspects of the game and getting into a fight is never a chore.

Combat has a twist in where you can move around the battlefield. You can, of course, move forward, backward and behind objects. But the really awesome thing about this are the crystals that are around the battlefield. If you move next to one of the crystals you will get some kind of buff, green for example will give you some health back. With each battle, you will get a little more confident

Edge Of Eternity: the Story

In regards to the story of Edge of Eternity, it is very well done. While I have not played through the whole game yet. I can tell you that the basics of the story are that Heryon, the game’s world is set is under attack from The Archelites who have managed to poison people and this poison turns them into horrible creatures.

The main character of the game, Daryon who is a soldier is willing to do what it takes, even sacrificing himself for the greater good. Until he learns that his mother has been poisoned by The Archelites and now he needs to find a cure.

The Bottom Line. Do We Like Edge Of Eternity?

Edge of Eternity is still in early access so there are a few bugs here and there, but the team is great at getting things fixed as soon as they hear there is an issue. If you like games like Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy VII.

Playing Edge of Eternity is a no-brainer, you may want to consider holding off until the whole game is finished, but even in this state, you can tell this is something very special.

Edge Of Eternity
Edge of Eternity is an open world JRPG with an interesting tactical turn-based combat. Download it now and set off for an adventure.

8.5 Total Score
Edge Of Eternity Review Summary

  • Presentation is fantastic
  • Some of the best JRPG combat in years!
  • English voice acting is actually very good
  • The story so far is very engaging
  • Awesome soundtrack
  • The game is not finished yet
  • As it is in early access a few bugs are still in the game
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