God Eater 3

Bandai Namco did a great job in remaking the first two God Eater games for the PlayStation 4. The first two God Eater games were very well received on the PS4 and while this one has been out in Japan for a few weeks, God Eater 3 is now ready for a Western release.

How to Download God Eater 3

You can download God Eater 3 by following the link below the review. And if you like hack and slash JRPGs be sure also to check out Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online or Nioh.

The Game Review

The story of God Eater 3 is actually pretty cool. The Earth and the people on it are in a losing battle against these massive creatures called Aragami. Aragami are making their way across the planet decimating all living life that they come into contact with. Standard weapons do not work but do not worry as you can use God Arc weapons to fight off these creatures.

The game starts with your main character in a prison and you are tasked with fighting these creatures. I do not want to spoil why you are there and who the people who you are fighting alongside are “connected” but I was entertained and if anything I wanted more story!

I would describe God Eater 3 as a hack and slash RPG style game. Combat is the main focus and it is very, very enjoyable. People in Japan were really raving about the combat and that was what I was most excited to experience. You can move around the areas really fast and once you get the hang of the controls and find what weapons suit you best. You can dish out some really heavy duty combos which are a lot of fun to do.

You have special abilities that you can do by getting energy from the creatures that you can fight. These are your Burst Moves and they look spectacular and really make you feel awesome when you can pull one off. You can also team up with your AI companions so that you can get different boosts that can help you in battle.

The world is pretty big and I found that I actually wanted to explore as much as possible. The environments look good and you can tell that the people who lived here really went through hell when the Aragami showed up.

There is also a really cool multiplayer mode (which I have not played yet) where you can team up with other players to try and take on a really powerful creature. Not only is the creature very powerful, but you are also against the clock. This is sure to be a lot of fun, especially if you are playing with people you know and you can organize your attacks.

As a third game in the series, God Eater 3 is not bringing anything radically new to the series, but that is not really a bad thing. It is still a very good game and the combat and exploration is a lot of fun. I really do not think that they needed to change anything, to be honest with you as God Eater already was a fun series.

God Eater 3 is a game that if you played the first two in the series you will really like. This was designed for the PlayStation 4 in mind so it does feel a little grander in scale. It is a good continuation of the series and I do feel that for a new player to the series that they will be very impressed with how fast and fun the combat is.

God Eater 3
God Eater 3 is an anime role-playing game with hack and slash action in a post-apocalyptic science fiction setting. Download it now
9 Total Score
Review Summary

  • The different Aragami look awesome
  • Combat is very fast and fun
  • Lots of cool special attacks to learn and do
  • The world is fun to explore
  • Multiplayer mode looks like it is going to be great
  • Not a whole lot different from God Eater 2
  • Some minor graphical issues here and there
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