Gunfire Reborn

Have you ever been completely taken by surprise by a game? Well for me, most recently that game was the awesome Gunfire Reborn. Currently, in early access, this is a fun and fast-paced first-person shooter with roguelike features and a cool emphasis on playing with your friends.

How to Download Gunfire Reborn

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The Game Review

Currently, as I write this there are three levels in the game. Each level features a handful of stages and then a boss fight at the end. You can play as one of two characters, a cat and a dog, but the dog is locked at first. From here you start a level and try to get as much loot as you can all the while making your way to the end.

Gunfire Reborn is just a blast to play right from the start. If I had to compare the game to another game it would have to be Borderlands. Shooting and looting are most certainly what this game is all about. The characters each have their own special abilities that work via a cooldown meter.

You start with a basic gun that you have with you at all times, but you can also have two additional weapons during each stage. The weapon variety is fantastic and currently, there are seven different categories of weapons. There is a lot of imagination with these weapons with my personal favorite being the little dragon you carry that works as a flame thrower!

As you play you can also get scrolls that can give you various buffs to help you along the way. There is also an upgrade system where you have three categories that you can upgrade. I really like how simple and straightforward the upgrade system is in this game. Simple is a great word to describe this game actually and I mean that in a complimentary manner.

Gunfire Reborn is the kind of shooter that anyone can pick up and play. It is far from easy, but the mechanics are very easy to get to grips with. Each time you play the game the level is randomized so you never fully know what to expect. This makes this fast, fun, and frantic, and even more so if you are playing with up to three other people.

You move around the levels at quite a quick pace and in general, the controls feel nice and tight. As I said earlier there is a lot of variety to the weapons, but you can expand your weapons thanks to the elemental effects certain weapons can have. This is a cool feature and gives you something to work towards.

Speaking of working towards, many of the weapons are locked when you start. Playing the game will unlock weapons as you go which is cool and the game also has a handy screen that will show you your progress. I liked this as I always knew what I had to do and where I was at in regards to getting a new weapon.

As far as the presentation goes. I love the style of the game; it has a very tongue-in-cheek fantasy vibe and that is cool in my book. It has a kind of cell-shaded look to it and everything is nice and clear. The soundtrack is very fitting and does a good job of getting you pumped up for all the shooting you are going to have to do.

Even though the game is in early access and there are only a few levels. Gunfire Reborn is a real joy to play. It is a great game for those that like their shooters to offer a challenge, but also have a major focus on fun too. I am very excited to see more levels, characters, and other stuff added to this game as development continues.

Gunfire Reborn
Gunfire Reborn is a first-person shooter game with RPG features in a science fantasy setting. Download it now.
10 Total Score
Gunfire Reborn Review Summary

  • The game has a serious amount of charm
  • The two playable characters are awesome
  • Each time you play the level is randomized
  • It is very easy to learn the basics of the game
  • The weapons and the upgrade system are very well done
  • Some of the attacks the bosses have can be a bit cheap
  • As far as levels go, it is a bit lacking, but it is still in early access
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Duoyi (Hong Kong) Interactive Entertainment Limited
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