Roguelike Games



Inscryption is a horror-themed rogue-like deck-building game. Before you roll your eyes at yet another game like this, Inscryption is one of the best games of this type I have ever played. I am going ...

Tribes of Midgard


Tribes of Midgard is a Viking-themed action RPG that is all about surviving until Ragnarök comes calling! As of right now, Tribes of Midgard is only available on PC and PlayStation. Hopefully, in ...

Loop Hero


Loop Hero is a retro-inspired fantasy rogue-like game available for PC. While it is being called a rogue-like, Loop Hero is more than that. Deckbuilding, idle game, clicker, and RPG could also be ...

One Step From Eden


Ok, so I think legally I have to mention that One Step From Eden takes inspiration from the Mega Man Battle Network series of games. I for one did not play those, so I was coming into this ...

Spelunky 2


The best way to look at Spelunky 2 is that it is not reinventing the wheel, but it is bigger and better in every way. The original game was and still is a fantastic roguelike platformer that once it ...

Gunfire Reborn


Have you ever been completely taken by surprise by a game? Well for me, most recently that game was the awesome Gunfire Reborn. Currently, in early access, this is a fun and fast-paced first-person ...

Monster Train


I have to start by saying that Monster Train has one of the coolest sounding names of any game I have played recently. This is a strategy/roguelike/deck-building game that is far more accessible and ...



If you enjoy horror games then WORLD OF HORROR is a game for you. This is influenced by the work of legendary manga horror genius, Junji Ito. Add to this what they are refereeing to as 1-bit style ...



There are some games that you really want to talk to people about, but at the same time are hard to explain. That is exactly what I am dealing with in regards to Noita which is a physics-based ...

Roguelike games constitute a genre that has been in development for many years. For some time it has been forgotten, but in recent years it has been experiencing a real renaissance. The prototype and progenitor of the genre was Rogue – the game which was released in 1980. Its main assumptions were: moving around the locations that consisted of long corridors, killing monsters and collecting equipment. The idea for this game was based on the famous Dungeons & Dragons pen and paper RPG series. This title initiated the whole family of games, later named Roguelike.

Although games of this genre have been created since the 1980s, the Roguelike titles, have been somewhat forgotten by the players. The new ear for this RPG subgenre started with the indie games revolution when a new generation of bedroom programmers began to base their productions on the old, proven schemes.

The main features of the Roguelike game world are:

  • randomness – locations are generated from scratch each time,
  • turn based game – the player can make a certain number of moves during a turn,
  • simplified graphic design – the game are often presented in a very conventional way,
  • unequal level of difficulty – it often happens that you will find very strong objects already at the start of the game, at other times you will not find them at all,
  • permanent death mode – the death of your character ends the game.

Oftentimes the Roguelike games are the productions that can be said to be AAA titles.

Roguelike games often enter pop culture and become an inspiration for new cult games as was in the case of Diablo. The important titles in this genre are:

  • Angband, inspired by Tolkien’s mythology,
  • Ancient Domains of Mystery, in which the player’s goal is to save the mystical land of Ancardia from the forces of evil,
  • and Dwarf Fortress in which the player manages a fantastic settlement of dwarves.

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