Loop Hero

Loop Hero is a retro-inspired fantasy rogue-like game available for PC. While it is being called a rogue-like, Loop Hero is more than that. Deckbuilding, idle game, clicker, and RPG could also be used to describe this game. A fantasy setting and a very cool 90s PC style of graphics make this a really cool game.

How to Download Loop Hero

You can download the game from a number of digital stores, such as Steam, GOG, or Epic Games Store. Check out also the free demo!

The Game Review

The story of the game is not exactly super deep, but it works. An evil called The Lich has thrown the world into chaos by putting it into a time loop! We play as a nameless hero who must travel these time loops, fighting enemies, getting stronger, getting better great and ultimately getting ready to save the world!

Loop Hero sees our character traveling around a loop. You do not directly control him as he walks on his own. What you do control are many other things as you make your way. You have one of three classes to play him as and you also have a deck of tiles. It is these tiles that will make up the game world around the loop he is traveling.

You can put down a tile that will have enemies, one may have a mountain another a river. There are many different tiles and the strategy comes from figuring out what tiles to use. You may think that just putting down easy tiles is the way to go. However, you do this and you will not get stronger and you will not get better loot.

You will die in this game and die a lot! You need to try and figure out what is the best way to make sure you are ready to fight the bosses. You do not fight the enemies, instead, this happens automatically and the gear you have will decide how well you do. You are always earning gear in the game that will give you various boosts, but the game is not great in explaining the benefits of each piece of gear to you.

This is not an easy game, far from it and it is a game that is certainly for a very specific kind of gamer. I do not feel that there will be any kind of middle ground with this, you will either love it or what it offers. I thought it was a challenging experience and a game that once I got it was very addictive.

Loop Hero is a fantastic-looking game. While many games have done the whole “16-bit” thing before this one does it in its own style. Rather than trying to look like a Super Nintendo game, Loop Hero has more in common with an old-school PC game using VGA graphics and it looks great as a result. It also has a very fitting retro soundtrack as well.

I had a lot of fun with Loop Hero. I thought it was a very interesting take on the whole rogue-like/deckbuilding genre. It is a game that is very challenging, but it also feels very rewarding. Taking risks and using dangerous tiles that can offer you a high reward feels great! This game is well worth checking out if you like deck-building games or roguelikes.

9.5 Total Score
Loop Hero Review Summary

  • The whole idea of the game is great
  • I loved the VGA style graphics
  • It has a real risk and reward kind of thing going on
  • You can choose to play as various character classes
  • It may be challenging, but it never feels unfair
  • It is a very niche kind of game made for a specific kind of player
  • It could be better at explaining what different types of gear actually does
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