Collectible Card Games



Inscryption is a horror-themed rogue-like deck-building game. Before you roll your eyes at yet another game like this, Inscryption is one of the best games of this type I have ever played. I am going ...

Loop Hero


Loop Hero is a retro-inspired fantasy rogue-like game available for PC. While it is being called a rogue-like, Loop Hero is more than that. Deckbuilding, idle game, clicker, and RPG could also be ...

One Step From Eden


Ok, so I think legally I have to mention that One Step From Eden takes inspiration from the Mega Man Battle Network series of games. I for one did not play those, so I was coming into this ...



I have played a ton of deck-building games over the last year or two, but Griftlands does more than enough to stand out. This is also a rouguelite, but it has a sci-fi setting and a heavy emphasis on ...

Monster Train


I have to start by saying that Monster Train has one of the coolest sounding names of any game I have played recently. This is a strategy/roguelike/deck-building game that is far more accessible and ...

Legends of Runeterra


Legends of Runeterra is a combat card game from Riot and it is set in the world of League of Legends. It is a free to play game and as I write this you can jump in and have fun with the beta. Despite ...

Rise of Legions

Editor's choice Rise-of-Legions-10

I had a buddy tell me for weeks that I needed to get in on Rise of Legions, but I kept blowing him off! This is a free to play MOBA/tower defense/deck building kind of game and I can tell you right ...

Magic: The Gathering Arena

Editor's choice Magic-The-Gathering-Arena-14

A digital version of a collectible card game is nothing new. However, it is more than fair to say that Magic: The Gathering Arena is what Magic: The Gathering fans have been waiting for years for. ...

Minion Masters

Minion Masters

Attempting to combine a massively online battle arena with tower defense and the deck-building strategies of a card game, Minion Masters is anything if not unique. It's true that some of the best ...

Book of Demons

Book of Demons

Book of Demons is a downloadable isometric dungeon-crawler with some rogue-like elements on-top and was released on PC on the 28th July 2016, and was eventually brought to the Xbox One as well. ...

Collectible card games, also sometimes called deck-building games or simply card games, constitute a type of video game where an important part of the gameplay is to create a deck of cards. As the game progresses, the players unlock new cards that they can use during the encounters.

On the cards you can find heroes, monsters, spells, special abilities, weapons – all this depends on the mechanics that govern a given card game. Of course, collectible card games and deck-building games also exist outside of the digital world. The most famous of them is Magic the Gathering. The game also had many versions for computers and consoles.

In the digital world, Blizzard’s Hearthstone is one of the most famous if not the most famous representative of the genre. It owes its popularity to simple rules and the popular Warcraft universe in which it is played. Another notable game is Gwent: The Witcher Card Game from CD Projekt Red.

It is also worth mentioning a less known card game. XenoShyft is a deck-building title from 2016 in which you face alien invaders. This is a purely cooperative game, the atmosphere of which is compared to the Starship Troopers movie. Hordes of aliens who charge at us in this game, are horrible and scary and want to eat us alive.

This card game is a great example of deck-building games. In the game, you must gather your troops and arm them so that they defend your base against the natives. This happens because you have come to their planet to extract minerals. Technically, you are the alien invaders.

In the end, it is worth underlining the subtle difference between collectible card games (CCG) and deck-building games. In CCGs, you create a deck before the game begins. In the other type, you build it during the game. A typical representative of the latter genre is the roguelike RPG Slay the Spire.

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