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When you think of online card games that are on Steam or online in general, Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering are no doubt the first two that pop into your mind. Well, there is an online card game that actually eclipses them both and that is the downloadable title Eternal Card Game. Created by the folks at Dire Wolf Digital, Eternal Card Game is more about fun than it is trying to get you to spend your hard-earned money.

How to Download Eternal Card Game

You can download the game for free from Steam, Google Play Store or Apple App Store. To start, click on the Download link located below the review.

Eternal Review and the Six Reasons Why You Should Play It

Here are just a few of the reasons as to why you need to be playing Eternal Card Game.

The Setting Is Awesome

The idea of the world behind Eternal Card Game is actually really cool. When you look at the art for the game you may think it is a fantasy game, but then you will think, wait is this based on the old West? Well, it is kind of both as Eternal Card Game features magic and sorcery, but also some of the best sharpshooters around. It is a really neat idea and the art style is kind of like an old first-person shooter called Darkwatch and that is a very good thing. The creatures, characters, and settings of this game make it something that would be awesome if they started to make merch for it!

It Is Free To Play

While these days the term “free to play” may be met with a load of groans as people think that you will be able to play for about an hour and then the game has a knife to your back and wants your wallet.

Eternal Card Game is not like that and it offers the most content of any online card game that you will play for free. There is a grind here, but it is not so unfair that you feel like they are doing it on purpose to make you spend actual money.

The amount of content in this game for a free to play the game is truly incredible and some people even though the game has only been out a short while have put a ton of hours into the game already and not spent a single penny. All of the cards and all of the different modes that the game has to offer can be experienced for free.

The Tutorial of Eternal Card Game Is Actually Interesting

One of the main reasons that some people avoid online card games is that they can be very intimidating to get into. While there is a lot of depth to Eternal Card Game. Dire Wolf Digital have actually worked really hard on the actual tutorial to make it not only interesting and give you an idea of the world that the game is set in.

The tutorial also does an excellent job in teaching you the basic mechanics of the game and getting you ready to take on other people or even the AI. While most games, you can just skip the tutorial, Eternal Card Game is one where it is actually worth your while playing through.

In Eternal Card Game There Is Lots To Do

The number of game modes that Eternal Card Game offers is amazing. Tournaments is the mode where the pros will play as there are cash prizes up for grabs. They also host special events where rules are tweaked and added this is great for keeping you on your toes and adding new things to matches.

They also have these epic promo quests that happen once a month. What is neat about these is that you can get a special card during these promo quests so they are well worth doing. There is a  story-driven campaign as well as other Pave modes for you to enjoy as well. The amount of content that this has for a free-to-play game really is quite incredible.


One of the things that Enteral Card Game does better than most is the way that it sucks you in with its fun, fast and exciting gameplay. There is actually a lot of strategy in any given game and you will have to try and think one or two moves ahead as well as trying to second guess what your opponent be it a person or the AI is going to do.

However, thanks to the tutorial and the speed at which the game is played, Eternal Card Game is actually very accessible. It is one of those games that is best described as being easy to pick up and play, but hard to master. The more you play, the better you will get, especially if you get active in the community and have fun talking to other players, learning new tips and strategies from them. Of course deck building is a huge part of the game and figuring out what cards you like and when to unleash them is a ton of fun.

True Cross-Platform Play

While Eternal Card Game is not on console as well as being on Steam, you can also play it on your Android or iOS device. You can actually have your account linked to your mobile device which is great as it means you can take your game on the go with you. As games can be quite fast-paced this means you can play the odd game while you are on your lunch break at work.

Eternal Card Game
Eternal is a free-to-play collectible and deck-building car game with guns and magic fighting for dominance. Download it and strategize.
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