Slay the Spire

Slay the Spire is a downloadable game designed in the style of a two-dimensional cartoon with excellent music and interesting characters. The player’s task is to climb to the very top of the spire. On the way, he has to deal with numerous opponents and other nasty threats.

A serious difficulty is the fact that the hero’s death is final and if it happens, the game should be started again. Slay the Spire was developed by an independent American studio Mega Crit and is available on the Windows PC platform, Linux, and OS X. Nothing is known yet about the versions for Xbox 360, PS4, or Nintendo Switch or the mobile versions for Android or iOS. You can buy Slay the Spire for the modest price of $15.99.

How to Download Slay the Spire

The game can be downloaded from Steam. To start the download, simply click on the Download button at the end of this review.

What is This Game All About

Slay the Spire is a combination of a card game and an RPG subgenre called roguelike. A characteristic feature of these games is that the plot doesn’t play an important role. Here, the player focuses on the development of the main character, and his main task is to fight his adversaries. A high level of difficulty is characteristic of roguelike games, and in the case of a failure, there is no way to go back to an earlier save because such doesn’t exist. You have to start from the beginning.

In Slay the Spire, the hero fights duels in turn-based combat. Thus the participants of the duel, alternate in taking turns and choosing their attacks. This allows the player to think carefully and plan each move. The downside is that it can significantly prolong the time you play the game.

The main character eliminates enemies with his combat abilities, which he combines into some devilishly unpredictable and difficult combinations. Each attack is assigned to one of two hundred available cards. You get a few of them at the start, but as the game develops, you get more and more powerful powers. As you progress, you will find many opportunities to get relics, which additionally enhance the strength of your cards.

Every time the main character dies and the game has to be restarted, your game plan changes because the way to the spire changes as well. All the locations are generated procedurally. Another climb is a completely new endeavor, different from the previous ones.

At the beginning of the game, there are several starting points to choose from. This way you can to an extent plan your trip. This is, however, an illusion because on the way you will be surprised new events and new enemies who you will have to overcome.

Slay the Spire as an Early Access Game

Slay the Spire at one time was a game with the so-called early access. It means that it was not finished yet and could change until it was fully released. Games marked as early access are the titles in which players send their comments to the developers on an ongoing basis. The latter update their game and add new content.

It’s up to the developers when they feel ready to release their game. Some have a specific date of a release planned, others fine-tune their precious child until they deem it to be perfect. When purchasing an early access game, you should is worth read opinions on the Steam website.

The early access games creators also put up info, from which you can learn about the latest updates.

Slay the Spire was finnaly released on 23 January, 2019.

Slay the Spire
Slay the Spire is a cross between a roguelike and a card game in which you build your own deck. Fight the monsters and climb to the top of the spire. Download the game today.
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