Inscryption is a horror-themed rogue-like deck-building game. Before you roll your eyes at yet another game like this, Inscryption is one of the best games of this type I have ever played. I am going to try and limit what I say about the story as it is fantastic and a major highlight of the game, but I will give you the basics.

How to Download Inscryption

You can download the game from Steam. You can also get the free demo, and the official soundtrack.

The Game Review

You are stuck in a cabin with this “entity” and you have to play this card game where your life depends on how well you do. It has a horror theme to it and I found the whole thing very engaging and it kept me guessing as to what was going to happen next. There is just a very unsettling vibe the whole time you play it.

The actual card game aspect of Inscryption is something that sounds very simple and it does start that way, but this is a game with many layers. You have a set of cards and so does your opponent and there are a set of scales at the side of the game board, tipping the scales in your favor is your ultimate goal.

The mechanics of the card game are simple enough, you lay down your card and damage (if things go right) the enemy’s card. If the enemy does not have a card opposite yours, you tip the scales in your favor. The way that you win a game is by being five points on the scales ahead of your opponent.

It all sounds very simple, doesn’t it? Well, Inscryption has more than a few tricks up its sleeves to keep you on your toes. You can sacrifice some of your cards to make better ones, something you will have to do as you progress. You will encounter different boss characters that will have some kind of a gimmick that you have to overcome and you also have another thing to worry about.

Remember how I said you were stuck in a cabin? Well, in addition to the card game, Inscryption also has an escape room/puzzle style of gameplay going on as well! You will get to explore the cabin and solve various puzzles. I thought this was fantastic and added a great deal of variety to the gameplay. To be honest, this part of the game is pretty easy, but it was still something I really enjoyed.

The presentation of Inscryption is incredible. I so want to tell you about an aspect of it, but it would be a major spoiler! It has a very weird and disturbing look, but it also has a lot of charm at the same time. I love the way the cards are animated and the whole of this cabin is pretty damn creepy. The whole game is designed to make you feel uneasy and they well and truly succeeded with that

I have played a ton of rogue-like deck-building games over the last few years and the genre was starting to lose its appeal. Thankfully games like Inscryption come along and show that this is a genre that still can surprise you. I highly recommend you check this one out, it is so good, you will want a buddy to play so you have someone to discuss it with!

Inscryption is a deck-building roguelike horror game full of mind-bending puzzles. Download it now and have a fantastic experience.
10 Total Score
Inscryption Review Summary

  • The story in this game is kind of crazy, but it works so well
  • I love the animations on the card
  • The actual card game aspect is fun, easy to figure out, but is also challenging
  • I liked how there was also a puzzle element to the gameplay
  • I am not sure I would play it again now I know how the story ends
  • Some of the characters are going to really creep you out!
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