Neighbors back From Hell

Neighbors back From Hell is a remake/remaster or whatever you want to call it off a couple of games that came out over a decade ago. If you have ever had to deal with a neighbor from hell in your life, this is a funny way for you to blow off some steam about turning the tables on them.

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The Game Review

The two games this is based on are Neighbours from Hell: Revenge Is a Sweet Game and the sequel, Neighbours from Hell 2: On Vacation. The idea of the game is that you play as a guy called Woody and you are sick of your weird neighbor, Mr. Rottweiler (and his mother) and you decide to make him pay for being such a crappy neighbor. You do this by calling in a film crew and playing a bunch of pranks on him to show him what it is like to be tormented!

Rather than being a straight remaster of the two original games, Neighbors back From Hell combines the two games into one. It is split into seasons and you can play them in any order you want. You beat all four of the seasons and you unlock the final once which brings the game to a close.

The game is kind of like a point-and-click adventure game. You move around, find items, and then figure out how to use these items to prank Mr. Rottweiler. Items are often hidden around the house in places like drawers and cupboards. Mr. Rottweiler will prowl around his house so you have to use a bit of stealth to avoid him.

The two chapters that are set in his house will see him explore more and more of the house as you progress. You do not have to complete all of the pranks to complete a section, there is a goal to complete, you do this and you leave the house and that level is done. The other two chapters take place on Mr. Rottweilers’ vacation.

These are more challenging and diverse than the ones in the house. Here you also have to deal with his mother so there is more of an emphasis on stealth during these sections. I like how you follow him to different parts of the world during these sections. These sections add in items that can be used more than once and also a strange minigame.

The gameplay on offer here is pretty straightforward. It is more about trial and error than anything else. You have a little radar/meter that gives you a heads up about where he and his mother are, but for the most part, you learn by failing in this game. You get caught three times and it is game over!

The visuals in the game have a ton of charm to them. The graphics have this Wallace and Gromit style Claymation thing going on and I love it. The whole game has this fun and strange vibe to it and they did a pretty solid job cleaning it all up and making it look as good as they could on a modern gaming setup.

I think that Neighbors back From Hell is a decent enough game. I am not sure exactly who was asking for a remake of this, but they did a decent job. It is easy enough and even with the trial and error style gameplay, never gets too frustrating. The charming presentation and weird story make it a game that can keep you amused for a few hours at least.

Neighbors back From Hell
Neighbors back From Hell is a hillarious puzzle game in which you prank your neighbor. Download it now and let's start the fun.
9 Total Score
Neighbors back From Hell Review Summary

  • I love the Claymation/stop motion style of presentation
  • They have combined both games into one main story
  • It is very therapeutic if you have ever lived next to annoying neighbors!
  • The game is pretty straightforward to get into
  • The locations during the vacation levels are quite diverse
  • The game has a feel of a game that is over 10 years old
  • Not sure there is much to keep you coming back once you have played through it
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