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Shadowverse CCG is a card game, which has been developed and published by the Japanese studio Cygames. Shadowverse CCG is available for the Windows PC platform, macOS, as well as for mobile devices with Android and iOS on board. This is a free game, however, for the more involved players, optional micropayments are provided. The formula of the game has been based on the next game duels with computer opponents or other players using a patient completed card deck. The game features solutions from many other card games, such as Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Production, however, has its own distinctive features.

How to Download Shadowverse CCG

You can download the Shadowverse CCG game completely free from the Steam platform. The game is also available for download from App Store and Google Play Store. To start the download, click on the Download button at the end of the review.

 How to Play The Game

In the game, you participate in card matches. You play as a leader in which your goal is to reduce your opponent’s life to 0. To assist you in this noble quest you have followers, spells and amulets cards. You can create your deck in such a way that you will play an aggro style or you can choose control play or a combo deck. Just like in Magic the Gathering and other flagship CCGs. The game also uses the mechanics of evolution, which allows you to strengthen your follower cards and thus give your characters special abilities or more power.

An additional advantage of the game is the appearance of the attractive manga/anime visuals and, as befits Japanese games, you can admire spectacular special effects during the attacks. Thus said, we are dealing here with a direct competitor of another anime CCG – Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links.

The cards have predefined attack and defense statistics, and often additional abilities. As already have been said you should concentrate on bringing the number of enemy’s life points (from 20) to zero. Your goal be achieved by using the help of your followers and casting spells. The player can choose from as many as eight classes of cards with different abilities. They are Forestcraft, Swordcraft, Runecraft, Dragoncraft, Shadowcraft, Bloodcraft, Havencraft and Portalcraft. This way the players differ in the way they play the game just like in MTG where there are different mana colors. Of course, the players also have access to neutral cards that are available to all players.

The game also offers access to various cards in several variations, which due to the frequency of occurrence are referred to as bronze, silver, gold and legendary.

These cards can be converted to Vials, which will be used to create new cards. The feature that distinguishes Shadowverse CCG from other collectible card games is the fact that you receive gold every turn, which allows you to modify your creatures, and thus to change their stats, which affects the game outcome. To make things difficult, the followers can be modified a limited number of times.

Another Shadowverse CCG specific feature is amulets. These cards provide passive effects. Since it is a true turn-based game you cannot intervene in any way during your opponents turn. The game offers a tutorial that will show you all the rules that govern it.

The game has several million users and the most exciting thing you can do in Shadowverse is play against these real players. There is also a story mode or daily missions that allow you to unlock rare cards or their sets.

The graphics of the game are inspired by Japanese manga/anime aesthetics. On top of this, you get interesting audiovisual effects, and the cards are shown in the form of full-sized graphics. The characters in the game are given Japanese voices, and you play on a huge board on which you place your cards.

Shadowverse CCG Expansions

Shadowverse CCG, typically for the games of this genre receives regular updates and expansions. So far, the following extensions have been released.

  • Darkness Evolved,
  • Rise of Bahamut,
  • Tempest of the Gods,
  • Wonderland Dreams,
  • Starforged Legends,
  • Chronogenesis,
  • and Dawnbreak, Nightedge.

The Hardware Requirements

The minimum hardware requirements of Shadowverse CCG are:

  • 256 MB GeForce 7600 GT / Radeon HD 8470 graphics card or better,
  • Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz / AMD A4-7300 3.8 GHz,
  • 2 GB of RAM,
  • Windows 7/8/10 operating system.

Shadowverse CCG
Shadowverse CCG is a Japanese computer card game designed in anime style. The players attack each other in subsequent turns in order to exterminate their opponents. Download the game and fight!
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