Book of Demons

Book of Demons is a downloadable isometric dungeon-crawler with some rogue-like elements on-top and was released on PC on the 28th July 2016, and was eventually brought to the Xbox One as well. Developed by Thing Trunk, a team not currently known for anything other than this game so far, intend on creating seven different titles that take classic game genres and update them for a modern audience, while keeping that style. Hence the creation of Book of Demons as the first of their seven.

How to Download Book of Demons

You can download the game from Steam, stand-alone or with Return 2 Games Supporter Pack. The latter will get you the remaining six Thing Trunk games in the future plus you will get some additional benefits (your name featured in the credits or access to preview builds).

Also, there is a great free DLC called Dungeons & Streamers which was released on November 28, 2018. This little gem adds support for Twitch and Mixer streaming platforms. What it means is that now the audience of the streamer can interact with the player by spawning monsters traps or providing help

Last but not least you can download a completely free demo of Book of Demons.

The Game Review

Not exactly known for its story, Book of Demons does in fact actually have one, although it isn’t particularly masterful by any means. You play a traveler that has wandered into town, all upon the search of adventure and reaches. Once you reach the town, you’re told about a deep, dark dungeon that houses a literal devil on the very last floor.

With each floor you take, you become closer and closer to defeating this town’s great big evil, who just so happens to be taking a bath in lava with a rubber duck while he waits for you.

Since the game wants you to enjoy the campaign it has you play through and the small amounts of story, there are in fact three different difficulties modes that you can pick from. Casual and normal areas to be expected, one is slightly harder than the other, whereas one is slightly easier. Where the game gets interesting, though is in the form of roguelike mode.

In this mode everything becomes harder, skills are no longer predetermined and if you manage to die at any point, if you wish to revive, you’re going to have to spend some money. As soon as you fail to keep up with the reviving costs any longer, your run ends and that character permanently dies, leaving them as nothing more than a name on a leaderboard.

With Book of Demons mixed with a dungeon-crawling RPG and a card game, you spend almost all of your time in the game exploring dungeons, attacking enemies, and picking up new cards. Acting as if it was on a giant board game, you move around the level slowly, just like the enemies, and when you come into contact with them, your character will slowly start to damage them automatically.

To deal more damage faster, you have to highlight them and hold down the attack button until they die. In the beginning, it is very simple, but as the game progresses and things start to get more difficult, it doesn’t ever stay quite that simple.

While you’re exploring these dungeons, you can find new items and things such as cards, these cards act as skills, weapons, and armour that can be switched out pretty much on the fly. For instance, if you find a card that increases your overall damage but can afford to add it to your character just yet, you can replace it for another card to ensure that you get the bonus.

Easily the biggest inspiration for the game comes from the classic style of Diablo. The dungeons are dark and infested with the undead, the environments are all similar to that of the Diablo series, and the dark visuals as a whole all stand out because of this.

Book of Demons
Book of Demons is a hack and slash fantasy title very much influenced by the classic Diablo with some deck-building mechanics. Download it now and delve into procedurally generated dungeons.
9.5 Total Score
Book of Demons Review Summary

Anyone that’s on the lookout for an interesting take on the dungeon crawling genre, then this is definitely the game for you. It keeps a lot of the classic ideas of dungeon crawlers, without making the similarities completely redundant by implementing a number of enjoyable extras to the game to make it an enjoyable experience over and over again.

  • Fun and unique visual style
  • Interesting take on the combat system for the genre
  • Card system allows for plenty of variety for each run
  • Animations can come off as a little bit stunted
  • Roguelike mode can definitely be a challenge if you’re not prepared
User Rating: 5 (1 vote)
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