Minion Masters

Attempting to combine a massively online battle arena with tower defense and the deck-building strategies of a card game, Minion Masters is anything if not unique. It’s true that some of the best games out there combine multiple genres into one title.

And this is often easier said than done. Normally when a developer mixes several genres together the result is less than expected and rarely up to par for what a quality game should be. After all, the axiom “jack of all trades but master of none” has its beginnings somewhere.

Minion Masters is just such a title.

How to Download Minion Masters 

This unique game can be downloaded from Steam. To begin your fantasy adventure, click on the button below this review.

The Game Review

Developed and published by BetaDwarf, Minion Masters is fast-paced and intense while also making itself as accessible as possible to a general audience and, especially, those who have never played a MOBA before.

Though it bills itself as a hybrid game, Minion Masters is more MOBA than anything else  and there’s nothing wrong with that.

But it does move fast, and this might be jarring for players who are accustomed to the slower pace of traditional MOBA games.

Players can take it solo in 1v1 or even team up with a friend for some duo combat in 2v2. Either way, you still get the same fast-paced action that BetaDwarf markets as the hallmark of this title. One interesting mode that gamers might enjoy is the 1v1 Draft where a random deck is selected for the player to use in combat. This shakes up the traditional formula a bit and tests mastery more than it does planning.

Speaking of which, Minion Masters rewards planning and considered actions but also emphasizes quick gameplay and intense, pressured situations. This is the dueling balance between its MOBA aspects and its deck-building mechanics.

Outside of 1v1, 2v1, and 1v1 Draft, there are also three other modes: Mayhem, Expeditions, and Solo challenges.

Mayhem is a weekly game-mode variant in which the player is thrust into the arena under different rules than the standard set that governs the game. Expeditions are like questions in an MMORPG and consist of what BetaDwarf calls rewarding and challenging journeys.

As one could probably surmise from its label, Solo emphasizes developing skills to be used against the AI and others in combat and trains the player to become better at the game.

Even though there’s nothing particularly spectacular about its graphics, Minion Masters is up to par with other games in its genre and exhibits much the same style as those games. Graphics are bright and colorful, even appropriately so when explosions and chaos are unleashed on the screen, but they’re never what you would call beautiful.

Sound and music, on the other hand, do the game service and help underpin moments of tension and ratchet up the pressure when it is appropriate.

Minion Masters
Minion Masters is a strategy game which MOBA, deck-building and tower defense mechanics. Download it now and enjoy the cool fantasy setting.
8.5 Total Score
Minion Masters Review Summary

A compelling title for fans of MOBAs and deck-building games, Minion Masters is a lot of fun if not a bit muddied at times in terms of gaming experience.

  • Addictive, fun gameplay
  • Sound and music are surprisingly good
  • Not as hard to learn but difficult to master
  • A lot of different genres going on here
  • Difficulty curve spikes upward really quickly
  • Tons of competition out there
User Rating: 5 (1 vote)
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