Clicker Games

Loop Hero


Loop Hero is a retro-inspired fantasy rogue-like game available for PC. While it is being called a rogue-like, Loop Hero is more than that. Deckbuilding, idle game, clicker, and RPG could also be ...

NGU Idle


Some games, gleefully, escape classification. Then there are games like NGU IDLE that are not hard to place in a genre but nearly impossible to describe with any degree of justice. Why? NGU IDLE is ...

Blush Blush


Part clicker, part dating sim, and part adult game if you have the patch. Blush Blush is a game that I was not sure about before I jumped into its free-to-play offerings. As of right now, the game is ...

League of Angels III

League of Angels III

One genre of games that has gained currency with the rise of smartphones is that of the idle game. And this is exactly what League of Angels III is basically all about. Now found across multiple ...

Clicker Heroes 2

Clicker Heroes 2

TThe sequel to the idle game sensation Clicker Heroes, Clicker Heroes 2 from indie studio Playsaurus is currently in early access on Steam and promises to be every bit the worthy successor to the ...



MONMUSU is an anime-inspired idle game, one of a more adult nature. Currently available on Steam, the game was released on the 12th May 2018, and has been developed by Tentacle Games. MONMUSU ...

Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes is an arcade game that belongs to the genre of clickers. The title was created by Playsaurus. The gameplay consists of killing the monsters which attack you. You do this with a ...

One popular game format that is prevalent on smartphones is that of the clicker game, also known as an incremental game, idle game, or clicking game. As the name implies, the main action in a clicker game is clicking on something in order to advance. Passively structured and typically centered on a grinding, role-playing game-type system, clicker games can span everything from the aforementioned RPGs to building games to puzzlers and sims.

Since clicking is the player’s primary method of interaction with the game, the act of clicking itself is really all that is needed from a control perspective and thus the gamer tends to focus on other things in the game such as what to level, obtain, achieve, etc. Another interesting aspect of clicker games or incremental titles is that occasionally even the act of clicking itself is unnecessary and the game sort of progresses on its own like a train on rails.

That isn’t to say these games are shallow, though they can be, but their alternative name, idle game, comes from this passive approach to the core experience. Then again, a modern feature in many role-playing games is the “autoplay” function, making clicker games an extension of that concept.

Though primarily found on the smartphone these days, clicker games are also a popular subgenre on the PC. Described by some as non-games, clicker games in many ways eliminate the core elements of what someone expects from a video game and the linear approach makes progress both rewarding and frustrating as the player is on a somewhat endless path to upgrades.

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