MONMUSU is an anime-inspired idle game, one of a more adult nature. Currently available on Steam, the game was released on the 12th May 2018, and has been developed by Tentacle Games. MONMUSU revolves around the player taking the place as a summoner, an individual who can summon materials and monster girls at his will. As time moves on, the player’s resources increase exponentially, allowing them to summon more and more monster girls.

How to Download MONMUSU

To download MONSMU simply click on the Download button at the end of the review. There is also the uncensored patch available, which you can get from the Tentacle Games website.

The Game Review

MONMUSU pretends to have a story in the form of the scenes that the player has between them and their monster girls. To unlock these scenes, the player has to acquire enough resources to progress onto the next scene. As to be expected with any idle game, the best and only way to get more of these resources is to simply wait until there are enough and make the purchase.

While time ticks by, the amount of resources the player has access to increases. Often the rate of accumulation of resources will seem slow to the impatient player, and the only way to increase that speed will be through making more purchases or through waiting long hours. Alongside new scenes to purchase/unlock, the player can hire more units to increase the overall speed in which they’ll gather more gold to use however they choose.

The game just like other idle titles uses a rather prominent microtransaction system that allows the player to spend real money in exchange for gems. These gems don’t have much use, other than speeding up time. A time-skip can either be 4 hours into the future, 1 day, 3 days, or even 7 days, all depending on how many gems the player wishes to spend. Obviously, there is no requirement to spend money in this game. However, if the player wishes to make progress much faster, then this is the only option that they have to them.

When it comes to the visuals, MONMUSU has a very distinct anime style to it that has put a lot of attention to detail in the monster girls themselves. In terms of the UI, the details aren’t quite to the same degree. Still, for anyone who appreciates anime or the general style that comes from Japanese animation, MONMUSU simply delivers.

One of the most prominent comparisons that can be made for MONMUSU is the fact that it’s like every-other idle game on the market, just without the added details. A game like Monster Clicker has plenty inside of it to make it a surprisingly in-depth idle game. On the other hand, MONMUSU is much simpler and really a sit-and-wait type of game, with very little nuance. There’s not much else to do, other than wait until the player has enough resources to purchase the next scene available. And then, of course, enjoy the monster girls’ show.

Even though the game isn’t designed like the best idle games out right now, MONMUSU is held up by its appealing anime style that many will find as the number one reason to stick around.

MONMUSU is a simple clicker game, available for free download but for microtransactions for the player who just can’t wait for cool-downs to be finished. Download the game and enjoy dating, or rather summoning pretty anime monster girls.
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