League of Angels III

One genre of games that has gained currency with the rise of smartphones is that of the idle game. And this is exactly what League of Angels III is basically all about. Now found across multiple platforms, typically these games involve a lot of grinding and leveling up as well as scrounging for gear.

The difference between this grind and that of a traditional role-playing game?

Idle games handle all of that hard work for you, battling through enemies and handling them without so much as an occasional click from you to confirm what has occurred.

How to Download League of Angels III

League of Angels III is a browser game although in fact there is also a downloadable client version that you can enjoy. To start downloading click on the Download button at the end of this review. League of Angels should not be confused with League of Legends, which is a completely different game. (And neither with Laser League or Rocket League for that matter).

The Game Review

 Popular among RPG fanatics, especially those that love leveling and grinding for loot, League of Angels 3 has multiple systems for upgrades and places the player on a seemingly endless loop of grinding, fighting, and leveling.

Published and developed by R2Games using Flash and operable within a web browser, the most striking thing about League of Angels 3 is how much it resembles in appearance massive, high-budget titles like World of Warcraft.

Employing an aesthetic that lingers between Tolkien and Square Enix, League of Angels 3 nonetheless offers bright, crisp graphics and booming sound that might take many a hardcore gamer aback with its quality. That’s perhaps the most immediately noticeable thing about League of Angels 3: Whether or not it is your cup of tea, League of Angels 3 is one solid game.

Though played out in a traditional turn-based fashion, again, as an idle game you’re not actually required to do anything. Similar modes exist in hardcore classic RPGs like Final Fantasy Tactics for iOS and Android systems.

Originally developed as a way to make the long combat slogs in these games palatable to portable gamers, auto-battling and the whole idle system emerged from this innovation. Obviously strange to gamers raised on the milk and mead of Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy, idle games that are role-playing games like League of Angels 3 seek to balance the needs for loot, leveling, and action with those of a traditional RPG.

As is to be expected, the game is filled with classes and specializations akin to those you would find in a massively multiplayer role-playing game like WoW. Choosing this is as much a matter of preference as it is what you want to sink your time into. Given the huge time cost involved in leveling your avatars, it would be quite difficult to keep multiple classes leveling so it is suggested that players pick something and stick with it.

The game has daily events and even cross-server raid style events in which players battle in PvP matches. Though it is often advised that the auto-battle option is activated during daily quests and the like, the player does have choices to make during particular battles.

Further, parties typically have class-based structures with some players specializing in damage while others specialize in keeping everyone alive. One of the biggest complaints about League of Angels 3 is that it is not as interactive as players would like, with many arguing that it would make a fine traditional role-playing game.

League of Angels III
League of Angels III is a browser-based RPG experience in which you gather a party of beautiful women who help you to fight evil. Download the game now.
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