Clicker Heroes 2

TThe sequel to the idle game sensation Clicker Heroes, Clicker Heroes 2 from indie studio Playsaurus is currently in early access on Steam and promises to be every bit the worthy successor to the first game that was itself a viral sensation among gamers. As a gamer on a never-ending journey to endlessly level your character, this idle game promises an infinite level of replayability and, as fans of the first game can attest, Playsaurus doesn’t miss the mark when they make boasts like that.

How to Download Clicker Heroes 2

To get an idea of what the game feels like, first watch the trailer. To download Clicker Heroes 2 click on the Download button at the end of the review. You will be able to download the game from Steam. The price of the game is $29.99. Since the original was available for PS4, Xbox One, we can expect the sequel to be also ready for the owners of these consoles. The mobile devices version (Android, iOS) should also be ready in the future. Steam offers also a downloadable soundtrack.

The Game Review

Some of the major features that are being touted for Clicker Heroes 2 include unlimited progress, infinite worlds, skills, and an automator.

What the devs mean by unlimited progress is that the game will give players the chance to continually level and improve their character, going from zone to zone in an endless line towards an ever-receding horizon. Fans of grindy role-playing games should be delighted by this feature which is also robustly supported by the rest of the in-game mechanics. After all, you can’t expect people to play for forever if the game isn’t addictive in the first five minutes, and it is definitely that.

To support the unlimited progression of players Playsaurus promises that there will be an unlimited world to explore. Think of it this way – imagine the quest mode in World of Warcraft except for more zones to clear than you could ever imagine. Gamers that like to get the most bang for their buck will find little to complain about with Clicker Heroes 2’s value proposition.

Towards that end, the developers have also crafted a very detailed skill tree and it is a massive one at that. The best thing about the game is how simple and accessible the gameplay is from the start but how deep it gets as things progress. The massive skill tree is not only designed to make leveling rewarding but also to incentivize the player’s continual participation in this process.

Another quality of life feature that gamers are going to love is the automator feature which allows players to set their avatar on a course for leveling up that does not require player input. As an “idle game,” Clicker Heroes 2 hopes to offer the best of huge, sprawling time-sink RPGs and its own genre.

Sporting a beautiful and colorful aesthetic, Clicker Heroes 2 has a level of fit and polish to an indie game that may surprise people at first glance. Though the main objective of developers Playsaurus is to keep gamers gaming, this title does an excellent job of making the experience inviting.

Though the game is still in early access on Steam Playsaurus states that the majority of the core gameplay is already present in what is available now. Future updates should include tweaks to core gameplay for balancing as well as the addition of compelling content as the game goes live. Fans of role-playing games and idle games alike will find a lot to enjoy with Clicker Heroes 2 and should probably get in on the action as soon as possible.

Clicker Heroes 2
Clicker Heroes 2 is a clicker action role-playing game. Download the game and go on a journey to kill everything in front of you and level up infinitely.
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