Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes is an arcade game that belongs to the genre of clickers. The title was created by Playsaurus. The gameplay consists of killing the monsters which attack you. You do this with a computer mouse. If you are away from the computer the job can be done by a virtual hero whom you hire.  Then it is him who does the fighting. The game is free to download.

How to Download Clicker Heroes

The game can be downloaded completely free from Steam and you can also play directly online on the website of the game developer. To start the download, click the Download button at the end of the review.

Clicker Heroes Codes

Because the game is created for a single player, cheating is allowed. The internet is full of tutorials on how to upload the cheat codes directly into the game. Such codes will give you tons of gold, which you can then use to improve your character or hire better mercenaries. Save game editors are also available.

The Gameplay

The player assumes the role of an unnamed hero, who has the task of defeating the monsters on his way. The game is divided into levels, and each subsequent level lasts from a few seconds to a minute. The duration depends on several things:

  • how many helpers you have hired for the hero,
  • which level has the monster you are fighting with,
  • your dexterity.

Speaking of the later, the faster you click the left mouse button, the faster the monster dies. After defeating ten “ordinary”, slightly weaker creatures, it’s time to defeat the strongest of them, the boss. Here the game is a bit different. When fighting a boss, the game is limited to thirty seconds. If the hero and his helpers do not manage to defeat the monster, the character’s life points are reset and the battle is replayed. This is so because in Clicker Heroes you cannot die.

Each of the defeated creatures drops a certain number of coins, allowing the character to gear up to deal more damage in the future battles. Alternatively, you can spend this money to hire a helper to move faster through the levels, even when you are offline. It is also possible to invest in special powers. In addition to defeating creatures, the hired helper also collects gold that allows you to buy upgrades, so when you enter the game after some time, you may notice that a large amount of gold has appeared on your account. With each level, the gameplay becomes more and more difficult, while the upgrades and improvements become more and more expensive. However, the rules of the game never change.

Clicker Heroes has colorful and cheerful graphics. The monsters that your hero fights against are located on small, square platforms that differ from each other. There are, for example, locations with palms and sand, dark caves or green islands surrounded by water. The monsters that the player comes to fight with are, among others, tarantulas, goblins, various insects or … it could be a mouse wearing a hat!

The Versions of the Game

Clicker Heroes offers only the single-player mode. It was released at the beginning as a browser game (in 2014) and a year later the versions for Windows and for smartphones and tablets were released. The title was also released on Xbox One and PS4 consoles (in 2017). Clicker Heroes is a free game, but the developers have introduced micropayments and a virtual currency – the rubies. These can be purchased for real money. A sequel to the game is also planned. It will be Clicker Heroes 2.

Clicker Heroes
Clicker Heroes is a free clicker game in which your goals are to defeat the monsters and gain the gold needed to develop the main character's traits and hire mercenaries. Download the game now and give yourself a click mania.
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