Blush Blush

Part clicker, part dating sim, and part adult game if you have the patch. Blush Blush is a game that I was not sure about before I jumped into its free-to-play offerings. As of right now, the game is in early access, but they have stated any money you spend now will be carried over so that is fair.

How to Download Blush Blush

You can download the game from Steam. Click on the Download button below the review. Check out also another famous dating sim title from Sad Panda Studios, which is Crush Crush.

The Game Review

In the strange world of Blush Blush you play as a dude who works in the zoo. One day, you are distracted by all of the hunky dudes and end up giving them “magical water” by mistake. That is not a naughty play on words, it is literally magic water that somehow turns the hunky dudes into animals.

Do not worry, an animal spirit from the sky called Q-Bae comes down to help you out! Q-Bae informs you that you can transform these hunky dudes back if they fall in love. That is the setup and yes, it is weird, yes it is crazy and I like to think much of the dialogue is done in a very tongue-in-cheek kind of way.

The presentation of Blush Blush is pretty darn good. I like the anime style that they have gone for. Everything in the game is nice and bright and there is the tiniest amount of animation as well. Even the menus are easy on the eyes if you like bright things then you will like the visuals of this game.

There is no voice acting in the game and there is a lot and I mean a lot of text! From what I understand voice acting is coming as the game gets further in development. Even without it, they manage to give each of the hunky dudes their own personality. So hopefully, when voice acting is added this will shine through even more.

Now let’s get to the gameplay. This is best described as an idle clicker game. You have various jobs and hobbies you can do for example being a seamstress is a job and reading is a hobby. You click on these and they start making you money or improving your stats. I was surprised at how many stats this game has and stats play a very important role.

Each character you are trying to woo has their own likes and dislikes. This is where working on the stats comes into play. You are not actually doing anything, just clicking the button and letting the game do it all. You only have so much “time energy” that you can use, but of course, as this is a free-to-play game you can buy more if you want.

I never spent a penny and just did what I could with the allocated time I had. This was more than fine with me. The version I played on STEAM did not have the naughty patch. There are four “stages” to getting with a guy and in this version, you just draw a picture of them rather than actually hooking up with them.

Most certainly Blush Blush is a well-made game. I am not sure I am the kind of person this game is made for. Not because of the subject matter, but because these idle clicker games do not really do it for me. Still, I liked the story, many of the characters had a lot of charm and the game does look great.

Blush Blush
Blush Blush is an anime-style dating sim in which you date guys who were cursed and turned into animals. Download it now.
9 Total Score
Blush Blush Review Summary

  • Each character feels different
  • The story has a lot of charm and humor to it
  • It looks fantastic
  • Some of the animal designs are awesome
  • I guess it could be a very relaxing game
  • It does have some “free to play” trappings
  • The game is still not finished yet
User Rating: 4 (1 vote)
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