Survived By

As the title eludes to, Survived By is a rampant downloadable role-player that gives new meaning to the phrase “Live by the sword, die by the sword.” Hence, survival is just a way of life and permadeath grants the rebirth of a new warrior with hardened skills.

On top of this, the fuzzy warm pixels reminiscent of the golden age, make this bullet-hell quest an exhilarating, but ultimately frustrating experience. Despite its shortcomings, Survived By provides plenty of pulse-racing action at the expense of a few minor discrepancies.

How to Download Survived By

You could download Survived By by following the Download link below the review. Unfortunately, this is no longer possible, you can visit only the community page. The title is no longer available. The game was free to play but you could also get paid DLC: Starter Pack, Next of Kin Supporter Pack, and finally Birthright Supporter Pack. They contained a lot of in-game content that will make the gameplay easier, like double XP boost or virtual money.

The Game Review: True Permadeath-Paradise

First and foremost, let us start by stating just how much of a blast Survived By is to play. I mean, it’s a polite nod to the old-school RPG’s of more than a decade ago, and still, for the most part, it warms the soul.

Yes, there are some minor grievances, but if you consider the fact that this game is an early access release the possibilities are endless. Plus, there is plenty of time to make amendments and the concrete foundations bode well for the months and years ahead.

Let’s start by applauding its triumphs. Firstly, Survived By has a unique visual allure; it’s what you might call a pixelated paradise. The blocky shapes and vivid pigments give this indie-hit an authentic look that helps to give it an edge.

Whether that’s the gallant knight, the hooded bowman or the goat-headed mystical shaman, every character is pleasing on the eye. Not to mention the backdrops, granted, a top-down viewpoint doesn’t rely on the presence of 3D to install realism and vitality, but it delivers on the core principles of style and substance, none the less.

The clue is in the name. If you mix the permadeath scenario with the bullet-hell genre, you’re asking for chaos, and that’s what this is, quite literally. Well, Full-blown, balls-to-the-wall carnage as it happens. But that works to its advantage, amongst the madness and medley, as it rains bullets and beasts, a strange sense of reward kicks in as you shred through enemies with lethal precision.

The permadeath scenario is the games star-attraction, and it comes with an interesting caveat. If your chosen warrior dies in the heat of battle, a descendant replaces them who vows to exact revenge. What’s more, any loot, stat perks, and special skills are carried over to the next titan that takes your place, kickstarting a new legacy. It would seem life does go on after death, after all.

In many respects, Survived By adopts all commonalities linked to the genre. Such as taxing dungeons to trek through, beasts to slay and a barrage of fire-balls to dodge. Oh, and did I mention some brutal bosses along the way, made even more fun to face with an online band of brothers.

Sadly, there is the odd gripe concerning lag and the general performance, but these issues can be ironed out, and there’s nothing major to get hung up over. Perhaps the player UI could do with a little tender, loving, care, but besides that, it runs nicely, if you consider the fact that it’s a free-to-play title.

7 Total Score
Survived By Review Summary

To summarize, Survived By is a non-stop thrill ride of anarchy. Amongst all the disorganized chaos, the permadeath concept breeds new life into the genre. All the while, it's blotchy, color-drenched aesthetic gives it a unique charm, despite some ongoing performance issues. All in all, it's a welcome addition to the role-playing genre, and there is hope yet for this free-to-play, early access game.

  • Original permadeath scenario
  • Visually resplendent world
  • Strong RPG elements
  • Free to play
  • Healthy online presence
  • Intermittent online lag
  • Occasional performance issues
User Rating: 3 (2 votes)
Human Head Studios
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Windows 7
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Windows 10
File Size
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