Tribes of Midgard

Tribes of Midgard is a Viking-themed action RPG that is all about surviving until Ragnarök comes calling! As of right now, Tribes of Midgard is only available on PC and PlayStation. Hopefully, in 2022 the game will make its way to the Nintendo Switch and also to the Xbox.

How to Download Tribes of Midgard

To download the game from Steam or from the PlayStation Store, click on the Download button that is located below this review. If you like Viking games, check out also our reviews of the action games Valheim and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

The Game Review

The story of the game is that you are a warrior who is just trying to survive one day at a time. Ragnarök is coming, but before that, you can survive one day at a time by looking after the Yggdrasil Tree which is under attack each night from evil entities that come from hell.

You have a selection of classes, most of which are locked until you get further into the game. Once you are ready to start, you will need to head out and take on quests and gather resources. Quests are your standard type of thing such as being asked to kill something or go and get something.

You have to always be on the lookout for resources as this is how your will progress in the game. You need resources so that you can craft and cook, in addition to fortifying your home base as well. The thing is, night comes around pretty damn quickly so you do not have as much time to explore as you would like.

Playing Tribes of Midgard on your own is not a fun experience. You can play this in single-player, but this was 100 percent designed with playing with others in mind. You can have a tribe of up to 10 members, so far, I have played with three other people and found that to be a decent enough number.

You can actually work together, have a plan at the start of each day and make sure you are all doing your part. It is a lot of fun to communicate with each other and it is the kind of game where time just fly’s by. Combat in Tribes of Midgard is very satisfying, you will be hacking and slashing a ton of different enemies, earning XP, and leveling up as you go.

In addition to basic enemies, there are also giants and the giants are awesome! A giant will start at the edge of the map and slowly make its way towards your home. You really have to try and take them out efficiently as they can deal massive damage to your homestead. They are not too tricky to kill as their attacks are quite easily avoided.

However, if you get cocky, their attacks when landed can be devastating. Not only that, if you do not take them out in time, your homestead can be devastated. When you kill a giant and they fall, you earn a ton of rare resources. I loved this aspect of the game and always found it exciting when one would show up.

The presentation of the game is great. I love the cell-shaded kind of style they have and it looks like a middle ground between Genshin Impact and Breath of the Wild. Even at night when it is dark, the game has a colorful and very nice look to it all. One area that is kind of lacking is the sound, it is not bad, but just kind of forgettable.

While the single-player is more frustrating than fun. Playing with Tribes of Midgard with your friends is a fun experience. I can see us being entertained by this game for quite a while. The procedurally generated nature of each game means that you never do the exact same thing on two playthroughs.

Tribes of Midgard
Tribes of Midgard is an action role-playing game set in the world of Viking mythology. Download it now and fight against evil forces.
7.5 Total Score
Tribes of Midgard Summary

  • This is a fun multiplayer experience
  • I found the combat to be very rewarding
  • It is great when you work as an organized team with your friends
  • It was very exciting when a giant would show up
  • The single-player aspect of this game is not fun
  • While fun, I am not sure if it is the kind of game we will be playing 6 months from now
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