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While Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla may be the 12th game in the series when I got to the end of it, it felt like I was getting a real sense of closure. This game is the third in the open-world style of Assassin’s Creed game and they have taken what they learned from Origins and Odyssey and created one of the best games in the series in quite some time.

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In the present day, we are playing as Layla once again. After the events of what went down in The Fate of Atlantis (DLC for Odyssey), Layla along with two other assassins find themselves trying to save the world. The crazy thing is in order to save the world as we know it in 2020, the answer for how to do this lays in the past, the days of the Vikings and ancient England to be exact.

The story in this game is truly excellent and I have heard many people say you do not have to be a fan of the series to play this. I think the opposite and that to truly appreciate the story, you need to be pretty deep in the lore of Assassin’s Creed. Is there an awesome Viking story here? You bet there is and that part I feel anyone can enjoy, however, this game is stacked with references to past games.

Once you are in the Viking age, you get to play as Eivor a badass Viking who has set sail to England to look for a new place to call home. You can play as Eivor as either a male or female, I went for the female route. This time in England’s history is a very turbulent time with war all over the place and many people thinking they should be the ruler.

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla will see you take on different story paths. You do one path that deals with a certain faction, complete it, and then move onto the next one. As the game progresses the story really starts to take shape and I found myself engrossed by it all and curious as to how what I was doing in the past would save the future!

The thing is, as much as I love the story that they have crafted here. I have to admit that this is a very, very slow game in the early portion of it. It takes a while to truly get going and I do worry that this is what may put some people off. It is not bad, far from it, it just moves at a snail’s pace for the first couple of hours.

The gameplay on offer here is very hard-hitting. The game encourages you to play Eivor as a more head-on kick-ass first, ask questions later kind of warrior. The dual-wielding of weapons may make you think this is a hack and style of game, but that is not the case. This is a game that you have to think about what you are doing.

While rushing in and getting people killed as quickly as possible is 99/100 the best way to go about things. You still need to use your abilities and be smart about what you are doing or you will die a lot! The game does not let you regenerate health and healing items are not exactly hanging behind every rock that you come across.

You have a great deal of choice in how your Eivor will evolve. The game has a really cool skill tree that is very deep, you can also completely change your skills for free if you wish which is cool. There are also many different abilities that you can equip as well, so your Eivor will play just the way that suits your playstyle.

The game for the most part controls really well. My only “issue” with the controls is the stealth aspect of the game. Granted when you think of Vikings, you do not think of stealth, even so, on more occasions than I can forgive, I was spotted or killed due to Eivor being a tad on the clunky side when trying to stealthy get around.

I had a great time playing through Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. It is a massive game, a game I spent over 50 hours in, and even with the slow start, it was a great time. I do wonder where the series will go from here. Perhaps with the awesome way things come to a close here it is time for Ubisoft to completely reboot the series?

Assassin's Creed Valhalla
Assassin's Creed Valhalla is an open-world action game that belongs to the series that was started back in 2007. Download it now.
9 Total Score
Assassin's Creed Valhalla Review Summary

  • Eivor is a tremendous character to play as
  • I liked the way it referenced so much of the series past
  • The skill tree is fantastic
  • The combat feels very brutal and satisfying
  • The story is very clever and engrossing
  • The stealth sections felt a bit too clunky for me
  • It does have a rather slow start
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