Children of Morta

Children of Morta is a roguelike RPG game and more proof that we live in a golden age of RPG’s! Seriously, the worst thing about modern RPG’s is that there are so many of them keeping on top of them all is near impossible. With a really heavy emphasis on story, this one here is well worth playing if you want an RPG with a gripping story.

How to Download Children of Morta

Visit Steam or GOG. These are the places where the game is available. Click on the Download button. You will find it at the end of the review.

The Game Review

The game has a “retro” kind of art style which at this point has been done to death. However, I do like the way that the game looks. The enemies may not have a ton of variety to them, but the main family that you play as look great and have some fantastic animations.

Speaking of family, it is the family dynamic of Children of Morta that has made it such a compelling game for me. You play as the Bergson family who are monster slayers who are standing up against a corrupted God that has taken over these creatures that you need to save. The story has many twists and turns and in general, is great. But for me, it is the way the family is as a unit that really grabbed me.

While the best way to describe the game is as a roguelike RPG. It is rather lite in this regard. The game will have you go from dungeon to dungeon, fighting enemies, collecting loot, improving your characters, fighting bosses and so on. The way the family can improve together is something I liked and it makes you want to play as each family member.

The game is a little stingy with the abilities as each family member only has two at the start. It can take quite a while to get more and the combat is rather basic. You will find that you do a few attacks, dodge, attack and repeat. It is not the most in-depth combat system and as progression is a little slow, some might lose interest rather quickly.

It is most certainly the story that really kept me playing. Seeing the way, the family homestead would change after a quest or how they would wind down and chat with each other in between missions was something I got a real kick out of. There is also one other reason I kept on playing.

That reason is the local co-op! You can play couch co-op in this game and it is fantastic. It just feels like a completely different game when you have a friend or family member next to you and you guys are making your way through a dungeon together. It is the kind of game; you can easily spend a few hours playing when you have a friend next to you.

I have enjoyed my time with Children of Morta, based mainly on the story that it tells. I must admit had the story not been so engaging, I am not sure the rather basic gameplay would have kept my attention. I do feel that the story alone makes it worth playing and do not forget. Playing this with a friend is going to be an experience that you really do enjoy!

Children of Morta
Children of Morta is a hack-and-slash bullet-hell roguelike RPG. Download it now and enter a fantasy world.
8.5 Total Score
Children of Morta Review Summary

  • The family dynamic is really cool
  • I found the story well written and engaging
  • Local co-op is awesome
  • It is very easy to get into
  • It is interesting the way that the family levels up
  • Not a ton of variety to enemies and traps
  • The combat is rather shallow
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